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Time Machine:

Time Machine® provides software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your applications into the future or the past, facilitating time shift testing on your date and time sensitive application logic, such as month end, quarter end, year-end processing, billing cycle, work flow, regulatory go live, and policy life cycle.

Time Machine is transparent to applications and databases so no code modification is required to do time shift testing and the system clock is never modified.Time Machine eliminates the need to reset the system clock, which is time consuming, error prone and not possible under Active Directory or in a Kerberos secured environment.

Windows, Linux, Unix, Mainframe zLinux, Dockerized, Virtualized, On-Iron, or in the Cloud. Time Machine runs everywhere you need it. Read more...

Benefits & Features:

  • Save hardware and software costs 
  • Boost engineering team productivity
  • Mitigate risks for mission-critical application failures
  • Ensure large scale software projects finish on time and under budget
  • A sole solution for Active Directory or Kerberos date based testing
  • Time zone adjustment
  • User training

Time Machine

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