"Time Machine enabled us to be part of a wider, multi-vendor delivery, and work within the time frames set by the client. We could not have completed sufficient testing without Time Machine; it has given us the confidence that the long-term scenarios are working as designed. There were no feasible alternatives, and Time Machine did all that we have expected and helped us deliver a very complex programme."*
Alastair Rennie
IT Director, Westoct

"Time Machine is a great test solution for our cloud native bancX SaaS offering. When we launch our financial products, we need to be certain critical time-based functionality works. When a customer integrates our products into their IT stack, we know we rely on Time Machine to validate functionality before they go live. Win-Win for both us and our customers”*
David Rogers
CEO of Radix Financial Software, which is the parent of Qualica

"Time Machine saves time and reduces our stress. We now cover all of our critical time sensitive functionality in the most efficient way possible. Time Machine helps Together Money to meet its delivery date. Time Machine Sync Server facilitates true test automation for its banking applications which results a big cost reduction on deployment.”*
Rahul Bhargava
Lead Test Manager
Together Money

“AIG is saving 80 – 100 hours per month by adding Time Machine to our testing and development environments!” *
VP of Application Development

"Thanks again for everyone’s help, Solution-Soft team! We are making good progress and, as always, you are providing great and timely support."
Application Architect

“We used Solution-Soft’s Time Machine software on a client project delivery whereby we had to illustrate the system capabilities and functionality of what would happen over a period of 12 months. We used Time Machine in detail which resulted in less manual testing and the facility to automate testing drove the test cases through a really high volume. The fact that over 2000 scenarios and user stories were created and delivered through this Time Machine software enabled the project to be delivered on time with little defects.” *
Senior Consultancy Manager
Sopra Steria

“Please accept my thanks, on behalf of Zurich and DXC, for the excellent customer service you have given us, and for making this task so straightforward.”
Martin Schonbeck
Zurich Account - Group DC Platform

"Thanks a lot Solution-Soft, for getting our urgent requirement done over the weekend and so late. Appreciate it!"
Manager Engineer
National Australia Bank (NAB)

“Quote “You guys have been beyond amazing on every single support request, thanks again, so much.””
Windows Technical Specialist
CYBG. solution-soft

“Without Time Machine, we would not be able to test quick enough to meet our critical deadlines. Time Machine reduced our test cycle by 3-4 times and reduced our testing costs by threefold." *
Mark Cameron
IT Project Manager

"Thank you Time Machine for solving the glitch in a new implementation. For all new projects moving forward, Time Machine will be used as a standard (versus manually setting the clock) for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients’ needs" *
Andrew Strain
Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead
Accenture UK/Largest UK Government

“It would not have been easy to comply with the new pension legislation without Time Machine, especially in Active Directory. The product works great!”
Tim Meadows
Project Manager
UK’s Equniti Group

“As a member of Avanade’s delivery team, I would not hesitate to involve Solution-Soft in other testing schedules and look forward to working with them in the future.” *
Simon Bradbury
Client Consultant

“We were in a severe time crunch in our project. In just 15 minutes we had Time Machine up and running. In the relatively short period Time Machine has been deployed, it has already saved us weeks in our regression testing and development costs. Highly recommended product and worth every penny spent!” *
Sr. Technical Architect on the HIX project

“I like the car analogy for Time Machine.  We, British Gas, have the car, great engine and top technology, all is there for our projects, but without the tires, Time Machine, we can’t go very fast." *
Vijay Dwarakanath
Environment Delivery & Support Team Manager
Quality Assurance & Control
British Gas

“Without Time Machine the process was inefficient, required the involvement of multiple teams, took much too long to administer a simple date and time change and we were limited to 2 or 3 databases per system. Now we run more databases on the same number of servers with more testing cycles and the entire process is easier to administer, freeing up everyone’s time.” *
Network & System Administrator

"As a longtime customer enjoying how Time Machine streamlines and saves costs on our critical testing during multiple project deployments, I'd like to add my thanks for Solution-Soft's support team's prompt response. Your invaluable help was very much appreciated especially since these issues have caused us quite a bit of grief during our Siebel application testing." *
Environment Lead
Test Environments
One of the Four Pillars in Australia Learn more

"Our client, one of the largest gas trading companies, is very happy with Time Machine. Without it, it would have been extremely cumbersome, resource intensive, and costly to do the same type of SAP application testing and certification." *
James Fish
Basic Consultant
On-site SAP

“Utilizing Time Machine, we save a lot of time & effort testing our programs that span an Oracle Exadata system and a clustered Application system running on Solaris Zones.  With one of the largest databases in the UK and the complexity and expense to run the Exadata environment, Time Machine’s ability to set a virtual clock is a life saver to keep our project on time and on budget.” *
DBA Architect
Capita UK/BBC

"Universal Credit project is an extremely complex environment involving many groups and testing is always under a time crunch. It's a great challenge to coordinate between groups for critical testing phases/cases and we are very pleased that Time Machine delivered on its promise of saving time and expense with future date testing our mission critical application. In addition, Solution-Soft's team provided exceptional levels of support." *
Project Manager
One of the Largest UK Government Entities. solution-soft

“Without Time Machine, we simply would not have been able to accomplish this testing or training as it would have been way too much work and the wrong dates would have been seen in the program. Microsoft’s Active Directory essentially prohibits us from being able to move the system clock forward or back from real-time. Time Machine provided us the ability to get this done.” *
Mortgage Platform Architect
One of the Largest Banks in UK. solution-soft

“Without Time Machine, the process was inefficient, required the involvement of multiple teams, took much too long to administer a simple date and time change and we were limited to 2 or 3 databases per system. Now we run more databases on the same number of servers with more testing cycles and the entire process is easier to administer, freeing up everyone’s time.” *
Mat Hollingshead
Network Administrator
Envision Utility Software Corporation

“We can accelerate a months’ worth of processing in a week, or years’ worth of processing in a matter of months or however long is needed to test month end output, reports and year end output and reports. We can also clear out data, reload and retest if necessary. The flexibility is very helpful given the importance of validating that the system is working properly and prevents post go-live production issues.”
Sr. Network Administrator
Information Technology
One of the Largest Insurance Companies in Washington State Learn More

“We went with Time Machine [to solve issue with time shift testing scripts] and it has been working very well for us. We have the ability to change the date/time across all the components specific to an environment. Executing time/shifts, troubleshooting issues, deployments etc. has been very smooth. We are currently using Time Machine in three Test Environments and One Development Environment, and are very happy with the current setup." *
Project Manager
Largest North Carolina Government Agency Learn More

“A mortgage platform has a number of time critical parameters that are triggered in the e2e journey. Testing without Time Machine would have resulted in a much higher risk based approach to the System Integration test phase or a longer test phase.”
Project Manager
One of the Top Ten Banks in UK Learn More

“Time Machine is paramount for us to test our Automated Campaign Planning, Processing & Billing in a timely fashion. All this needs to be ascertained today, to be possible to provide tomorrow. Thus the need for Time Machine and thus the extensive use of the product."
Karl Konig Königsson
IT Project Manager

“Without Time Machine, the process was inefficient, required the involvement of multiple teams, took much too long to administer a simple date and time change and we were limited to 2 or 3 databases per system. Now we run more databases on the same number of servers with more testing cycles and the entire process is easier to administer, freeing up everyone’s time.” *
Network Administrator
Large Utility Software Corporation in Washington State Learn More

“At Medavie Blue Cross, we have to conduct date forward testing for our internal provincial claims systems on a regular basis.  With Time Machine, we’re able to host multiple Oracle testing environments on the same system for multiple developers and testers. This not only saves significant costs for potential hardware and software, but also streamlines our application testing process.” *
Michael Jones
UNIX System Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

“We are experiencing an 80%+ savings in time by using Time Machine instead of changing the system clock.”
Ketan Gada
QA Manager
One of the largest banks in the UK Learn More

“Without Time Machine, this testing would have simply been impossible to accomplish without expending tremendous resources and cost to the bank.” *
Richard Hallick
Key developer
Nordia, UK

“The Time Machine software enables the software users to perform tests that would otherwise be almost impossible to perform based on Microsoft’s Active Directory and the limited window of time available to perform each series of tests needed to be completed to determine the solution.” *
WIC Software Program Developer

“Without Time Machine, we would not be able to complete our critical testing. Time Machine is the only tool that allows us to do this complicated test; it also helps us to save tremendously on planned and unplanned budgetary.” Pinkerton goes on to say, “We are more than satisfied with Time Machine, it was simple to install, easy to use, and performed exactly as we envisaged. Moreover, Solution-Soft could not have been more helpful or more accommodating, both from a technical and commercial perspective.”
John Pinkerton
Principal Project Consultant
LogicaCMG / Companies House

"Time Machine is invaluable for our on-time deployment of the Change Program Management System (CPMS) for our client, The Australian Taxation Office.   I really appreciate the quick turn-around time from Solution-Soft team on this requirement.  This is indicative of the professional and consistent service that Solution-Soft has been providing us on an on-going basis which in turn has helped us to deliver and meet our client’s requirements in a timely manner."
Rahul Joshi
Information Analyst
EDS Australia/Largest Government Agency in Australia

“As a Citrix value-added reseller and an ASP, we run into time zone problems often. The addition of Time Machine will clear up time zone issues for our customers all over the world.”
Jeff Pittelkow
Account executive
C.A.T. Computers
Minnesota-based Networking Solutions Provider

“Using Time Machine, Telstra was able to test all the scenarios of their SAP R/3 upgraded release in the allotted project time, while saving money on system administrator resources.” *
Pooven Govender
SAP BASIS Team Deloitte Consulting

“It helped us reduce the time that we were testing out applications and the testing team [was] very pleased.”
Petros Busaches

“Solution-Soft has been an Oracle partner for decades. We are happy to feature their Time Machine suite of products in our Oracle Cloud Marketplace to enable our customers to go live in a timelier manner.”
Robert Shimp
Group Vice President
Linux and VM Product Management
Oracle Corporation

“There aren’t many products that really offer what Time Machine does in such a reliable fashion. [Time Machine] solves the key problem of…allowing multiple test environments to be hosted on a single set of hardware to reduce hardware and software costs significantly…as well as significantly enabling test cycles to be executed more efficiently and more quickly by allowing the time to be changed.” *
Jason Stewart Clark
Sr. Manager & Chief Technical Assistant

“Time Machine has been a great complement to our collections projects, as it helps our customers to reduce time to ROI and allows us to have great confidence in our testing cycles.” *
Daniel Bowles
Senior Director of Business Development

“I was impressed and pleased with the whole experience of using Time Machine to accomplish the date simulation for our testing.” *
Vince D’Angelo
Validation Service Manager

“The addition of Solution-Soft to the CBA strengthens our strategy of offering customers the widest possible array of technologies that support an application server computing environment.” *
Garry Olah
Partner and Developer Relations
Citrix Systems

“We were totally blown away when we found this [Time Machine].  We installed it, and we haven't looked back!" *
Kyle Duke
Senior Systems Analyst
CHD Meridian Healthcare

“This was successful and the app team verified that the performance was good. So, they are happy. Thank you for enabling this to happen. It's been a long road but we are getting there now." *
Database Administrator
Database Services

“Time Machine has saved us approximately $70,000 per year in extra staff that would have been required to manage the additional server farms, and we’ve been able to provide our end users with full functionality of time zone aware applications.” *
Ross Gilbertson
Manager of Infrastructure Services
Pro Staff

"Time Machine provided a quick and efficient way to date forward servers without having to build a solution or change application code. The product (Time Machine) has worked out as advertised and we do not have any issues. It simply works!" *
Doug Rowe
Manager of Distribution Solutions
Nationwide Insurance

“Once we determined its capabilities and installed Time Machine, it was being used in the QA cycle the very next day and received positive feedback from team members. Time Machine saved us 2-4 months of effort as well as $92,000 in overall domain costs for this particular project. I look forward to using Time Machine for any of our future projects that have tight deadlines regarding time manipulations.” *
Joel Kosmich
QA Practice Director
Acorn Technology

“Not only has iMcKesson saved hardware costs, but we also have reduced support and administrative spending that would normally accompany the purchase of additional hardware.” *
Kirk Dahl
Database Administration

“Time Machine is definitely a worthwhile product.  It has an important and valid use and we were able to get it to work successfully with our entire application, both the online portion and batch portion.” *
Mike McCormick, Sr.
IT Consultant

“In all my years, your software was really the best I've ever seen in its kind.” *
System Architect

"The Time Machine software has significantly increased our testing productivity for changes we make to our billing system. It’s saved us countless hours. What Time Machine does, it does very, very well.”*
Jackson Wong
Customer Systems Business Analyst
City West Water

“The quick turnaround time from Solution-Soft… is indicative of the professional and consistent service that Solution-Soft has been providing us on an ongoing basis, which in turn has helped us to deliver and meet our clients requirements in a timely manner.” *
Rahul Joshi
Information Analyst
EDS Australia

"We improved our file transfer times on our 150MB file from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 11 minutes using SafeVelocity."
Philip Clark
Senior Analyst
AXA Insurance/One of the world’s largest insurance companies

"The Tape-out Operations group at Xilinx has been using Solution-Soft's MEBES and GDSII compression tools for several years. With the read and write capability of compressed files now integrated with Synopsys' CATS fracture software, this solution eases our manufacturing preparation burden. Now that we don't have to uncompress files, especially the large MEBES files, we gain a great convenience and a considerable productivity enhancement, as well as save additional investments into infrastructure like file storage servers. Other advantages are faster transfer time of files to our foundry partners overseas and faster restore times from the archive."
Dr. Wolfgang J. Leitermann
Senior manager
Tape-out Operations at Xilinx

"SafeCapacity-Hotfile's ability to clearly identify the most active files on a system, combined with its "pass-through" file access relocation, will provide an enormous benefit to our customers. When combined with BiTMICRO's E-Disk solid state disk device, users will be able to continuously maintain optimum file I/O performance without having to reconfigure their applications."
Rudy Bruce

“Red Hat container certification assures a supportable and performant platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like Solution-Soft, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.” *
Mike Werner
Senior Director
Global Technology Partner at Red Hat

"I have proven to myself that a SafeVelocity client to SafeVelocity server transfer is faster than standard FTP and does not require additional compress/decompress time at both ends as would be necessary when transmitting GZIP data. That is to say you don't compress anything beforehand; you let SV do it on the fly at both ends. A recent real world example from earlier in the week had a user spend 8-10 hours at his location doing a TAR/ GZIP on a 232 GB GDS data set, and then sending the resultant 100GB GZIP file using standard FTP at standard FTP throughput rates. The transfer would have taken about 25 hours (if it had completed) and would have been followed by another number of hours at the receiving end for the required UNZIP/ UNTAR operations. SafeVelocity transferred the entire 232 GB of original uncompressed GDS files in 20 hours (achieving effective throughput rates beyond those of the underlying physical circuit) and restarted itself four times during that period because of network issues.”
John Chivian

"Solution-Soft’s log file compression technology allows us to save a significant amount of space on our servers, which optimizes our network performance."
Qi Lu
Technical Yahoo!

"Membership in the ACSM Consortium will allow Solution-Soft to easily expand its storage market opportunities by combining our IDO solutions with those of other partner members. This program, developed to create an integrated management solution for the entire storage platform will provide a significant value-add to all ACSM members and their customers." *
Dave Leone
Vice president

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories