"Time Machine saves time and reduces our stress. We now cover all of our critical time sensitive functionality in the most efficient way possible. Time Machine helps Together Money to meet its delivery date. Time Machine Sync Server facilitates true test automation for its banking applications which results a big cost reduction on deployment.”*
Rahul Bhargava
Lead Test Manager
Together Money

“You guys have been beyond amazing on every single support request, thanks again, so much.”
Windows Technical Specialist
CYBG Learn More

“There aren’t many products that really offer what Time Machine does in such a reliable fashion. [Time Machine] solves the key problem of…allowing multiple test environments to be hosted on a single set of hardware to reduce hardware and software costs significantly…as well as significantly enabling test cycles to be executed more efficiently and more quickly by allowing the time to be changed.”
Jason Stewart Clark
Sr. Manager & Chief Technical Assistant

“At Medavie Blue Cross, we have to conduct date forward testing for our internal provincial claims systems on a regular basis.  With Time Machine, we’re able to host multiple Oracle testing environments on the same system for multiple developers and testers. This not only saves significant costs for potential hardware and software, but also streamlines our application testing process.”
Michael Jones
UNIX System Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

“We have Time Machine in use in our test environment. Our test Midas environment is dependent on services running on a test IBM mainframe. The problem is that this mainframe is lagging behind in time so we need to adjust our test banking application on Midas, to run the same date, in order to fully test all functionality in the banking application. I can confirm that Time Machine has performed as expected and we are pleased with it.”
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
Large Swedish Bank

“We went with Time Machine [to solve issue with time shift testing scripts] and it has been working very well for us. We have the ability to change the date/time across all the components specific to an environment. Executing time/shifts, troubleshooting issues, deployments etc. has been very smooth. We are currently using Time Machine in three Test Environments and One Development Environment, and are very happy with the current setup."
Project Manager
Largest North Carolina Government Agency Learn More

"Thank you Time Machine for solving the glitch in a new implementation. For all new projects moving forward, Time Machine will be used as a standard (versus manually setting the clock) for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients’ needs" *
Andrew Strain
Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead
Accenture UK/Largest UK Government

“Time Machine is definitely a worthwhile product.  It has an important and valid use and we were able to get it to work successfully with our entire application, both the online portion and batch portion.”
Mike McCormick, Sr.
IT Consultant

“In addition to Time Machine’s effectiveness and cost saving for our SAP deployment, our other greatest benefit is the ability to train our users with a consistent and predictable data set.”
Peter Walmsley
Technical Project Manager

"Time Machine a powerful enabler for testing time dependent logic in a controlled and more importantly safe manner.  We sense a genuine desire from our account manager through to the support team to make our needs a priority.  In the end it feels like they are an extension to our team."
Shaun Lee Roberts
DWP Development Architecture

"Membership in the ACSM Consortium will allow Solution-Soft to easily expand its storage market opportunities by combining our IDO solutions with those of other partner members. This program, developed to create an integrated management solution for the entire storage platform will provide a significant value-add to all ACSM members and their customers."
Dave Leone
Vice president

“In all my years, your software was really the best I've ever seen in its kind.”
System Architect

“I am very pleased to see that my customer ICS loved the solution and that Solution-Soft provided a superb service. I am looking forward to making Time Machine available to our customer base.”
Wolfgang Rehberger

“Red Hat container certification assures a supportable and performant platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like Solution-Soft, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.”
Mike Werner
Senior Director
Global Technology Partner at Red Hat

“Time Machine was great for Y2K testing, but it’s not a one-shot tool. We've used it regularly to increase the efficiency of our normal operating environment."
Jerome Gauvrit
IT Manager

“The addition of Solution-Soft to the CBA strengthens our strategy of offering customers the widest possible array of technologies that support an application server computing environment.”
Garry Olah
Partner and Developer Relations
Citrix Systems

“The Time Machine software enables the software users to perform tests that would otherwise be almost impossible to perform based on Microsoft’s Active Directory and the limited window of time available to perform each series of tests needed to be completed to determine the solution.”
WIC Software Program Developer

“Because our design databases are among the largest in the industry, Xilinx' need for file compression is probably as great as any other company’s. The increasing size of our design files affects all areas from online disk space needs to archive media capacity needs to file transfer needs.”
Dr. Wolfgang J. Leitermann
Sr. Manager of Tapeout Operations

"SafeCapacity is well perfectly suited for our enterprise customers that need IP based storage virtualization. The benefits of available and efficient storage that SafeCapacity adds are vitally needed in today’s mission critical environments. Solution-Soft's products allow Sun customers even greater availability and efficiencies in storage environments. In addition SolutionSoft validates the open storage philosophy of Sun benefiting users and customers alike."
Denise Shiffman
Vice President of Marketing

"LAVIS supports compress, gzip and some other generic file compressors. Now, we are very pleased to enhance the usability of LAVIS by adding support for Solution-Soft's high-performance file compressors gdzip and mezip."
Hideaki Hontao

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories