“We standardized on gdzip & mezip for many years now with UMC and our mask shop partners. With the volume of data that we have, the cost savings and operation efficiency gains are tremendous. We are very happy with the products and Solution-Soft’s first rate of technical support.”
Peter Peng
Deputy Division Director
Engineering & Service Division

"The Tape-out Operations group at Xilinx has been using Solution-Soft's MEBES and GDSII compression tools for several years. With the read and write capability of compressed files now integrated with Synopsys' CATS fracture software, this solution eases our manufacturing preparation burden. Now that we don't have to uncompress files, especially the large MEBES files, we gain a great convenience and a considerable productivity enhancement, as well as save additional investments into infrastructure like file storage servers. Other advantages are faster transfer time of files to our foundry partners overseas and faster restore times from the archive."
Dr. Wolfgang J. Leitermann
Senior manager
Tape-out Operations at Xilinx

“Solution-Soft's compressor gdzip has saved us a considerable mount of storage space, and backup time. Since our partners also use the compressors we both benefit from shorter, more reliable and more secure ftp transfers."
Juergen Geissler
Tapeout Engineer

"I have proven to myself that a SafeVelocity client to SafeVelocity server transfer is faster than standard FTP and does not require additional compress/decompress time at both ends as would be necessary when transmitting GZIP data. That is to say you don't compress anything beforehand; you let SV do it on the fly at both ends. A recent real world example from earlier in the week had a user spend 8-10 hours at his location doing a TAR/ GZIP on a 232 GB GDS data set, and then sending the resultant 100GB GZIP file using standard FTP at standard FTP throughput rates. The transfer would have taken about 25 hours (if it had completed) and would have been followed by another number of hours at the receiving end for the required UNZIP/ UNTAR operations. SafeVelocity transferred the entire 232 GB of original uncompressed GDS files in 20 hours (achieving effective throughput rates beyond those of the underlying physical circuit) and restarted itself four times during that period because of network issues.”
John Chivian

"We just had another tapeout and with gdzip, it went most smoothly than before!"
World-Wide IP & EDA

“Red Hat container certification assures a supportable and performant platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like Solution-Soft, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.”
Mike Werner
Senior Director
Global Technology Partner at Red Hat

"We improved our file transfer times on our 150MB file from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 11 minutes using SafeVelocity."
Philip Clark
Senior Analyst
AXA Insurance/One of the world’s largest insurance companies

"Time Machine a powerful enabler for testing time dependent logic in a controlled and more importantly safe manner. We sense a genuine desire from our account manager through to the support team to make our needs a priority. In the end it feels like they are an extension to our team."
Shaun Lee Roberts
DWP Development Architecture

“[SafeCapacity, formerly called e-Space] is truly a ‘set and forget’ product, which is perfect for a busy System Manager like me. SafeCapacity has not only decreased our backup window, saved us thousands of dollars in hardware purchases, and freed up our operators from juggling disk space, it has greatly reduced our need to service user requests because users can always find the data they need online.”
Art Payne

"Solution-Soft provides our customers with time saving compression technology that efficiently and securely compresses GDSII files for transfer to the foundry. E*ECAD is working to reduce our customer's tape out cycles, and Solution-Soft enhances the E*ECAD product line by offering more efficient and reliable compression technology, to ensure safe transfer of GDSII files."
Richard Siemiatkowski

“It helped us reduce the time that we were testing out applications and the testing team [was] very pleased.”
Petros Busaches

“e-Space allows us to manage our customers’ disk space more effectively while reducing the cost of storage. In most environments, the addition of hardware must be scheduled during small windows allotted for change that usually fall on weekends when user activity is minimal. e-Space allows an intermediate solution so that neither we nor our customers are placed in an emergency or failure mode. Also important for us is the faster backups, and increasingly faster transmissions across networks.”
Scott Pierson
Sr. Computer Scientist
Computer Sciences Corporation

“Solution-Soft has been an Oracle partner for decades. We are happy to feature their Time Machine suite of products in our Oracle Cloud Marketplace to enable our customers to go live in a timelier manner.”
Robert Shimp
Group Vice President
Linux and VM Product Management
Oracle Corporation

“There aren’t many products that really offer what Time Machine does in such a reliable fashion. [Time Machine] solves the key problem of…allowing multiple test environments to be hosted on a single set of hardware to reduce hardware and software costs significantly…as well as significantly enabling test cycles to be executed more efficiently and more quickly by allowing the time to be changed.”
Jason Stewart Clark
Sr. Manager & Chief Technical Assistant

“Without Time Machine, the process was inefficient, required the involvement of multiple teams, took much too long to administer a simple date and time change and we were limited to 2 or 3 databases per system. Now we run more databases on the same number of servers with more testing cycles and the entire process is easier to administer, freeing up everyone’s time.” *
Mat Hollingshead
Network Administrator
Envision Utility Software Corporation

“The addition of Solution-Soft to the CBA strengthens our strategy of offering customers the widest possible array of technologies that support an application server computing environment.”
Garry Olah
Partner and Developer Relations
Citrix Systems

"[SafeCapacity, formerly called e-Space] has allowed us to store some static databases on-line as opposed to [off-line} stores and restores. On our test systems, it has allowed us to perform on-line backup and restores faster without operator intervention. With the addition of [SafeCapacity, formerly called e-Space], we are more responsive to our application group’s needs, providing faster and more accurate restores by storing the databases online and doing disk to disk restores."
Tom Trebino
Systems Administrator

"LAVIS supports compress, gzip and some other generic file compressors. Now, we are very pleased to enhance the usability of LAVIS by adding support for Solution-Soft's high-performance file compressors gdzip and mezip."
Hideaki Hontao

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories