Time Machine Sync Server:

Enabler for Test Automation & Agile Continuous Integration

Time Machine Sync Server:

Time Machine Sync Server (TMSS) is an add-on software stack application. TMSS allows Sync Groups to simultaneously broadcast virtual clocks to the entire test environment spanning multiple time machine and framework installed systems regardless of time zone or geographic location. The TMSS can be utilized to configure password protected roles, facilitate access control lists, and allows for http API enabled test automation with easy integration into test scripts or programs from any test tool or browser. 

Benefits & Features

  • Broadcast the same virtual clock to multiple systems in a test environment with one click
  • Target Time Machine or framework systems which can span time zones, on premise, or in the Cloud
  • Support persistent virtual clock, which continues ticking across reboots
  • HTTP API enabled test automation and agile continuous integration with easy script integration
  • Enterprise security with password protected roles, access control, and audit trail
  • Can be run on UNIX, Linux, and Windows