Time Machine Framework for Oracle

20,000 Virtual Clocks, 24 Time Zones, One Oracle Instance

Introducing the Time Machine Framework for Oracle

The Time Machine Framework for Oracle (TMFO) provides a great set of features that enable time shift testing scenarios for Oracle databases. The TMFO allows for far greater granularity with time travel. Date and time related tests can be implemented and conducted more easily and more effectively.

The TMFO enables customers to use Time Machine features within the Oracle database without the need to create a separate instance of the database for testing other time related activities. The TMFO is based on Time Machine functionality. The Framework allows customers to configure and automatically create different virtual clocks for selected database users or sessions based on custom conditions like user name, application, and client host.

The Time Machine Management Console is a Java application that provides an intuitive graphical interface for TMFO functionality and allows users to create and manage virtual clocks in Oracle database as well configure rules to enable automatic virtual clocks for new database sessions. In addition, the Management Console, which is now bundled with Time Machine, is the central portal for managing connections to Time Machine and the Time Machine suite of products.

Time Machine Framework for Oracle also provides a PL/SQL API to create and manage virtual clocks within Oracle database sessions thus enabling complex automated testing scenarios for applications, scripts, batch programs, etc.


The Time Machine Framework for Oracle was developed and tested in the Oracle Database Cloud Service and is listed in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


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