"Thank you so much to the Solution-Soft team for being so responsive and ensuring that we would have no lapse in coverage for our critical testing on our container based project, BessD. We very much appreciate the support you folks provide." 
Amy Wojcik
Software Asset Manager/Operations Manager
eWorldes/Hawaii Integrated Eligibility

"Thank you Time Machine for solving the glitch in a new implementation. For all new projects moving forward, Time Machine will be used as a standard (versus manually setting the clock) for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients’ needs" *
Andrew Strain
Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead
Accenture UK/Largest UK Government

“There aren’t many products that really offer what Time Machine does in such a reliable fashion. [Time Machine] solves the key problem of…allowing multiple test environments to be hosted on a single set of hardware to reduce hardware and software costs significantly…as well as significantly enabling test cycles to be executed more efficiently and more quickly by allowing the time to be changed.” *
Jason Stewart Clark
Sr. Manager & Chief Technical Architect

"Universal Credit project is an extremely complex environment involving many groups and testing is always under a time crunch. It's a great challenge to coordinate between groups for critical testing phases/cases and we are very pleased that Time Machine delivered on its promise of saving time and expense with future date testing our mission critical application. In addition, Solution-Soft's team provided exceptional levels of support."
Project Manager
One of the Largest UK Government Entities Learn More

“We were in a severe time crunch in our project. In just 15 minutes we had Time Machine up and running. In the relatively short period Time Machine has been deployed, it has already saved us weeks in our regression testing and development costs. Highly recommended product and worth every penny spent!”
Sr. Technical Architect on the HIX project

“We went with Time Machine [to solve issue with time shift testing scripts] and it has been working very well for us. We have the ability to change the date/time across all the components specific to an environment. Executing time/shifts, troubleshooting issues, deployments etc. has been very smooth. We are currently using Time Machine in three Test Environments and One Development Environment, and are very happy with the current setup."
Project Manager
Largest North Carolina Government Agency Learn More

“Without Time Machine, we would not be able to complete our critical testing. Time Machine is the only tool that allows us to do this complicated test; it also helps us to save tremendously on planned and unplanned budgetary.” Pinkerton goes on to say, “We are more than satisfied with Time Machine, it was simple to install, easy to use, and performed exactly as we envisaged. Moreover, Solution-Soft could not have been more helpful or more accommodating, both from a technical and commercial perspective.”
John Pinkerton
Principal Project Consultant
LogicaCMG / Companies House

"Time Machine a powerful enabler for testing time dependent logic in a controlled and more importantly safe manner. We sense a genuine desire from our account manager through to the support team to make our needs a priority. In the end it feels like they are an extension to our team."
Shaun Lee Roberts
DWP Development Architecture

“The Time Machine software enables the software users to perform tests that would otherwise be almost impossible to perform based on Microsoft’s Active Directory and the limited window of time available to perform each series of tests needed to be completed to determine the solution.”
WIC Software Program Developer

"Time Machine is invaluable for our on-time deployment of the Change Program Management System (CPMS) for our client, The Australian Taxation Office.   I really appreciate the quick turn-around time from Solution-Soft team on this requirement.  This is indicative of the professional and consistent service that Solution-Soft has been providing us on an on-going basis which in turn has helped us to deliver and meet our client’s requirements in a timely manner."
Rahul Joshi
Information Analyst
EDS Australia/Largest Government Agency in Australia

“This was successful and the app team verified that the performance was good. So, they are happy. Thank you for enabling this to happen. It's been a long road but we are getting there now."
Database Administrator
Database Services

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