"Time Machine is a great test solution for our cloud native bancX SaaS offering. When we launch our financial products, we need to be certain critical time-based functionality works. When a customer integrates our products into their IT stack, we know we rely on Time Machine to validate functionality before they go live. Win-Win for both us and our customers”*
David Rogers
CEO of Radix Financial Software, which is the parent of Qualica

"Time Machine saves time and reduces our stress. We now cover all of our critical time sensitive functionality in the most efficient way possible. Time Machine helps Together Money to meet its delivery date. Time Machine Sync Server facilitates true test automation for its banking applications which results a big cost reduction on deployment.”*
Rahul Bhargava
Lead Test Manager
Together Money

“Please accept my thanks, on behalf of Zurich and DXC, for the excellent customer service you have given us, and for making this task so straightforward.”
Martin Schonbeck
Zurich Account - Group DC Platform

“You guys have been beyond amazing on every single support request, thanks again, so much.”
Windows Technical Specialist
CYBG Learn More

“It would not have been easy to comply with the new pension legislation without Time Machine, especially in Active Directory. The product works great!”
Tim Meadows
Project Manager
UK’s Equniti Group

"Thank you Time Machine for solving the glitch in a new implementation. For all new projects moving forward, Time Machine will be used as a standard (versus manually setting the clock) for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients’ needs" *
Andrew Strain
Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead
Accenture UK/Largest UK Government

“The Time Machine software enables the software users to perform tests that would otherwise be almost impossible to perform based on Microsoft’s Active Directory and the limited window of time available to perform each series of tests needed to be completed to determine the solution.”
WIC Software Program Developer

“We went with Time Machine [to solve issue with time shift testing scripts] and it has been working very well for us. We have the ability to change the date/time across all the components specific to an environment. Executing time/shifts, troubleshooting issues, deployments etc. has been very smooth. We are currently using Time Machine in three Test Environments and One Development Environment, and are very happy with the current setup."
Project Manager
Largest North Carolina Government Agency Learn More

“There aren’t many products that really offer what Time Machine does in such a reliable fashion. [Time Machine] solves the key problem of…allowing multiple test environments to be hosted on a single set of hardware to reduce hardware and software costs significantly…as well as significantly enabling test cycles to be executed more efficiently and more quickly by allowing the time to be changed.”
Jason Stewart Clark
Sr. Manager & Chief Technical Assistant

“We were totally blown away when we found this [Time Machine].  We installed it, and we haven't looked back!"
Kyle Duke
Senior Systems Analyst
CHD Meridian Healthcare

“Time Machine has been a great complement to our collections projects, as it helps our customers to reduce time to ROI and allows us to have great confidence in our testing cycles.”
Daniel Bowles
Senior Director of Business Development

“Red Hat container certification assures a supportable and performant platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like Solution-Soft, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.”
Mike Werner
Senior director
Global Technology Partner at Red Hat

"Membership in the ACSM Consortium will allow Solution-Soft to easily expand its storage market opportunities by combining our IDO solutions with those of other partner members. This program, developed to create an integrated management solution for the entire storage platform will provide a significant value-add to all ACSM members and their customers."
Dave Leone
Vice president

“Time Machine is definitely a worthwhile product.  It has an important and valid use and we were able to get it to work successfully with our entire application, both the online portion and batch portion.”
Mike McCormick, Sr.
IT Consultant

"Time Machine provided a quick and efficient way to date forward servers without having to build a solution or change application code. The product (Time Machine) has worked out as advertised and we do not have any issues. It simply works!"
Doug Rowe
Manager of Distribution Solutions
Nationwide Insurance

“Without Time Machine, we would not be able to complete our critical testing. Time Machine is the only tool that allows us to do this complicated test; it also helps us to save tremendously on planned and unplanned budgetary.” Pinkerton goes on to say, “We are more than satisfied with Time Machine, it was simple to install, easy to use, and performed exactly as we envisaged. Moreover, Solution-Soft could not have been more helpful or more accommodating, both from a technical and commercial perspective.”
John Pinkerton
Principal Project Consultant
LogicaCMG / Companies House

“In all my years, your software was really the best I've ever seen in its kind.”
System Architect

"The addition of Time Machine is a natural fit and a great value-add feature for our legacy modernization projects. Financial institutions, insurance and government are examples of industries where transactions occur that are event-based critical. Now Speedware customers can benefit from simplified and faster testing by using Time Machine."
Christine McDowell
Manager of Strategic Alliances

“With Time Machine, our applications can manage our customers’ entire business."
John Hardwick
Systems Engineer

“Life is easy, now that we have the TM [Time Machine] Web Console!"
Michael Jones
Systems Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

"We just had another tapeout and with gdzip, it went most smoothly than before!"
World-Wide IP & EDA
One of the Large US Chip Companies Learn More

“The addition of Solution-Soft to the CBA strengthens our strategy of offering customers the widest possible array of technologies that support an application server computing environment.”
Garry Olah
Partner and Developer Relations
Citrix Systems

"We use e-Space in Atlanta and find it to work well for us. It provides exactly what we were looking for.”
Carl Sitherwood
IT Engineering Consultant
Hewlett-Packard Atlanta Business Center

"We find that most of our customers have a combination of UNIX systems as well as Windows-based systems. Our strategy is to provide complete storage management solutions and they must encompass both operating environments. SafeCapacity is the best UNIX-based product that we have found to work with Infinistore and it allows us to deliver a single, shared, low-cost storage platform to our larger customers."
Andy Richards
Grau Data Storage

"The advanced file management technology from Solution-Soft is a valuable complement to our SSD technology. Customers will have a performance analysis tool that not only easily identifies frequently accessed files, but also moves these files to specified drives without requiring application modifications."
Jason Caulkins

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories