Move large quantities of data from one network to another.

SafeVelocity creates faster throughput and increased security for large data transfers.

SafeVelocity is ideally suited for enterprises that regularly move large quantities of data across networks, SafeVelocity specifically addresses the problems of transferring large files (Gigabytes to Terabytes) over the Internet by providing a platform that provides ensured delivery, faster throughput and increased security.

Increase Reliability

Before beginning a transfer, SafeVelocity checks to ensure that adequate disk space exists on the target machine. During transmission, SafeVelocity performs block level checksum. After transmission, SafeVelocity checks the transmitted file size against the original to ensure complete transmission. In the event of an error in file size or a checksum error, SafeVelocity automatically retransmits the corrupted blocks. In the event of a broken communications line during transfer, SafeVelocity automatically reestablishes the link and completes the transfer from the point of interruption.

Compress, Encrypt, & Transfer in one step

With SafeVelocity’s PIPEPUT capability, file generation and transfer can be done concurrently on-the-fly.  The transfer starts as soon as the first byte is generated.  This speeds up the whole transfer process.  For large file transfers, many hours or days can be easily saved.  The PIPEPUT ability is completely encapsulated in the SafeVelocity client program which means the site you are transferring files to need not have SafeVelocity server installed.  

The new PIPEPUT feature allows a user to create custom file transfer jobs that wrap around a file creation process. What this means is a user can launch whichever tools (such as tar, pgp, gzip, etc..) they use that creates the files to be sent and PIPEPUT will immediately start streaming the file, block-by-block, while the file is being created on local disk. 

Increase Throughput

During transmission, transfer speed is increased using dynamic, on-the-fly compression and decompression as well as parallel processing threads. SafeVelocity speeds up file transfer and optimizes network bandwidth utilization over the LAN, the WAN, and the Internet.  The unique combination of automatic compression and decompression and threaded processing results in unprecedented time and bandwidth savings.

Automate Post-Processing

SafeVelocity Server has the capability to optionally invoke call-out scripts upon receiving files to automate your post-processing needs.  As a result commons steps such as untar, decompress or decrypt can be triggered automatically when the files arrive.  This automation boosts productivity and reduces overall wait-time for the data to be usable.

Access Real-Time Feedback

Traditional FTP provides no feedback with large file transfers - users do not know if the transfer is done or still in progress, or if the file is still being sent how much longer the process will take until the transfer is done, which can be hours or days later!

To address this issue, SafeVelocity provide a user GUI to visually show PIPEPUT transfer progress.  This utility shows the real-time file size, network throughput, and estimated time to complete.  Additionally, SafeVelocity optionally can send email notifications upon PIPEPUT completion.  These capabilities boost productivity and eliminates the babysitting of important large file transfers.

Improve Security

Unlike standard FTP applications that transmit passwords in the clear, SafeVelocity hinders unauthorized system access by transmitting encrypted passwords. Furthermore, SafeVelocity is hacker-resistant - instead of invoking sub-processes, like most transfer programs, SafeVelocity is a threaded application that never invokes a sub-process. Character buffers are always cleared, and boundaries are always checked to foil hacking. These modern programming techniques significantly limit the possibility that malicious operators can exploit these known security holes.

Use in Combination with
Semiconductor Industry File-Compressors

Because of its speed and very high reliability, SafeVelocity is perfectly suited for the transfer of gigabyte-sized files. In addition, SafeVelocity incorporates specialized compression utilities for the compression of GDSII, and MEBES format files (popular formats for the semiconductor industry). For files in these formats, our utilities typically achieve 2 to 10 times greater compression than gzip. Therefore, gigabyte-sized files that take many hours to transfer, can be sent in 1/2 to 1/10 the time of gzipped files, using less bandwidth, and stored in 1/2 to 1/10 as much disk space as gzipped files.

Learn more about Semiconductor Industry File-Compressors

The SafeVelocity Mass Migrator

The SafeVelocity Mass Migrator is an optional module designed to transfer tens or hundreds of thousands of files and directories. Traditional FTP applications are ill-suited for this process.  Not only are they not reliable for transferring massive amounts of data, but also have been proven too slow.  According to FTP protocol, each file transfer consists of a two channel setup and tear down.

With thousands of files, just the channel setup and tear down of processes alone can take days!  SafeVelocity's Mass Migrator module reuses the initial command and data channel to avoid this performance issue altogether.  This capability combined with SafeVelocity's auto-resume, guaranteed transfer and on-the-fly auto-compression make it a unique and ideal solution for mass directory and file copies across the internet.

Customer Quotes

"SafeVelocity is the clear and undisputed choice for the movement of uncompressed data because it has the ability to do compression and decompression in a parallel manner, as the file is being transmitted, when it is beneficial to do so. In an environment with servers in the US, Asia and Europe, in every test case at every site, SafeVelocity achieved an effective throughput greater than that of the slowest common circuit denominator when transmitting or receiving uncompressed data. The most dramatic result came from the transmission of an uncompressed 3 GB TAR file containing real world data, which achieved an effective throughput of 100 Mb/s (LAN speeds) over a 45 Mb/s public Internet connection between the US and Asia."

John (JC) Chivian
Staff Software Engineer Unix/Linux Administrator
Photronics, Inc.

"We improved our file transfer times on our 150MB file from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 11 minutes using SafeVelocity." 

Philip Clark
Senior Analyst of a Large Multinational Insurance Company