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    • Government

      HP - Austrailia

      "Time Machine is invaluable for our on-time deployment of the Change Program Management System (CPMS) for our client, The Australian Taxation Office."

      Rahul Joshi - Information Analyst EDS Australia

    • Banking

      NAB Technology - Australia

      "As a longtime customer enjoying how Time Machine streamlines and saves costs on our critical testing during multiple project deployments, I'd like to add my thanks for Solution-Soft's support team's prompt response. Your invaluable help was very much appreciated especially since these issues have caused us quite a bit of grief during our Siebel application testing."

      Environment Lead - Test Environments

    • Insurance

      Zurich - United Kingdom

      "Without Time Machine, we would not be able to test quick enough to meet our critical deadlines. Time Machine reduced our test cycle by 3-4 times and reduced our testing costs by threefold." 

      Mark Cameron - IT Project Manager

    • Utility

      British Gas - United Kingdom

      “I like the car analogy for Time Machine. We, British Gas, have the car with great engine and top technology for our critical projects. But without the tires, we can’t go very fast. Time Machine is the tires for our car!”

      Environmental Team Manager


    • Government

      HPES - United Kingdom

      "Universal Credit project is an extremely complex environment involving many groups and testing is always under a time crunch. It's a great challenge to coordinate between groups for critical testing phases/cases and we are very pleased that Time Machine delivered on its promise of saving time and expense with future date testing our mission critical application. In addition, Solution-Soft's team provided exceptional levels of support." 

      Project Manager, UC Project for UK Government 

    • Consulting

      Accenture - United Kingdom

      "Not using Time Machine has created a huge mess in new implementations. For all new projects moving forward Time Machine will be used as a standard for our testing requirements, ultimately this will satisfy our clients' needs."

      Platforms & Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead

    • Alliance

      FICO - United Kingdom

      “Time Machine has been a great complement to our collections projects, as it helps our customers to reduce time to ROI and allows us to have great confidence in our testing cycles.”

      Daniel Bowles, Senior Director of Business Development at FICO

    • Health and Human Services

      NC FAST- United States

      “Executing time/shifts, troubleshooting issues, deployments etc. has been very smooth. We are currently using Time Machine in three Test Environments and One Development Environment, and are very happy with the current setup."

      Dan Kumar - NC DHHS Release Architect

    • Government

      Covered California - United States

      “We were in a severe time crunch in our project. In just 15 minutes we had Time Machine up and running...it has already saved us weeks in our regression testing and development costs. Highly recommended product and worth every penny spent!”

      Senior Technical Architect on HIX Project



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