“Our teams are happy to have that possibility to use the Time Machine as testing tool and grateful for all help you provide whenever needed.’’
Project Manager
One of the largest Insurance Companies in Sweden

“AIG is saving 80 – 100 hours per month by adding Time Machine to our testing and development environments!” *
VP of Application Development

“Please accept my thanks, on behalf of Zurich and DXC, for the excellent customer service you have given us, and for making this task so straightforward.” Martin Schonbeck
Zurich Account - Group DC Platform

"Thanks again for everyone’s help, Solution-Soft team! We are making good progress and, as always, you are providing great and timely support."
Application Architect

“We were in a severe time crunch in our project. In just 15 minutes we had Time Machine up and running. In the relatively short period Time Machine has been deployed, it has already saved us weeks in our regression testing and development costs. Highly recommended product and worth every penny spent!”*
Sr. Technical Architect on the HIX project

“Without Time Machine, we would not be able to test quick enough to meet our critical deadlines. Time Machine reduced our test cycle by 3-4 times and reduced our testing costs by threefold."*
Mark Cameron
IT Project Manager

“We can accelerate a months’ worth of processing in a week, or years’ worth of processing in a matter of months or however long is needed to test month end output, reports and year end output and reports. We can also clear out data, reload and retest if necessary. The flexibility is very helpful given the importance of validating that the system is working properly and prevents post go-live production issues.”*
Sr. Network Administrator
Information Technology
One of the Largest Insurance Companies in Washington State Learn More

“I was impressed and pleased with the whole experience of using Time Machine to accomplish the date simulation for our testing.”*
Vince D’Angelo
Validation Service Manager

“We were totally blown away when we found this [Time Machine].  We installed it, and we haven't looked back!"*
Kyle Duke
Senior Systems Analyst
CHD Meridian Healthcare

“Life is easy, now that we have the TM [Time Machine] Web Console!"
Michael Jones
Systems Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

“Time Machine is paramount for us to test our Automated Campaign Planning, Processing & Billing in a timely fashion. All this needs to be ascertained today, to be possible to provide tomorrow. Thus the need for Time Machine and thus the extensive use of the product."*
Karl Konig Königsson
IT Project Manager

“At Medavie Blue Cross, we have to conduct date forward testing for our internal provincial claims systems on a regular basis.  With Time Machine, we’re able to host multiple Oracle testing environments on the same system for multiple developers and testers. This not only saves significant costs for potential hardware and software, but also streamlines our application testing process.”*
Michael Jones
UNIX System Administrator
Medavie Blue Cross

“It would not have been easy to comply with the new pension legislation without Time Machine, especially in Active Directory. The product works great!”*
Tim Meadows
Project Manager
UK’s Equniti Group

"Time Machine provided a quick and efficient way to date forward servers without having to build a solution or change application code. The product (Time Machine) has worked out as advertised and we do not have any issues. It simply works!"*
Doug Rowe
Manager of Distribution Solutions
Nationwide Insurance

“Not only has iMcKesson saved hardware costs, but we also have reduced support and administrative spending that would normally accompany the purchase of additional hardware.”*
Kirk Dahl
Database Administration

"Membership in the ACSM Consortium will allow Solution-Soft to easily expand its storage market opportunities by combining our IDO solutions with those of other partner members. This program, developed to create an integrated management solution for the entire storage platform will provide a significant value-add to all ACSM members and their customers."*
Dave Leone
Vice president

"[SafeCapacity, formerly called e-Space] has allowed us to store some static databases on-line as opposed to [off-line} stores and restores. On our test systems, it has allowed us to perform on-line backup and restores faster without operator intervention. With the addition of [SafeCapacity, formerly called e-Space], we are more responsive to our application group’s needs, providing faster and more accurate restores by storing the databases online and doing disk to disk restores."*
Tom Trebino
Systems Administrator
Tufts Health Plan

"We improved our file transfer times on our 150MB file from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 11 minutes using SafeVelocity."*
Philip Clark
Senior Analyst
AXA Insurance

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories