Automated, Data Life-Cycle Management and Storage

SafeCapacity (TM) is an automated data management and capacity monitoring solution that addresses the difficulties inherent to exponential data growth.

SafeCapacity, an automated data management and capacity monitoring solution, addresses the difficulties inherent to exponential data growth, 24 by 7 operational requirements, and optimization of data across varying levels of storage resources.

SafeCapacity provides the following significant benefits to its users:

  • Delivers clear, file-level reports on storage utilization
  • Increases the efficiency of existing storage
  • Transparently migrates files across devices to cost balance storage resources
  • Eliminates out-of-disk-space events
  • Reduces system administration time, monitoring storage systems by twenty percent
  • Reduces over-capacity allocation of storage space
  • Provides a robust front-end management system for handling fixed-content data

Visual data reports - SafeCapacity's included SRM (Storage Resource Management) feature allows IT management to easily make storage decisions based on graphical reports that provides file information on:

  • Days Since Modified 
  • Days Since Accessed
  • Statistics by Size of File 
  • Count by File Extension
  • Space by File Extension
  • Complex combinations of the above combined with additional file attribute matching.

The graphical reports provided by SafeCapacity allows users to easily identify 

  • Improperly allocated storage
  • Storage intensive users or applications
  • Files that are candidates for relocation
  • Match data location to physical storage by access time and price per megabyte.
  • Existence and quantity of illicit data types that may be stored in violation of corporate rules

Efficient use of storage resources - Provides more than 20% in cost savings from increasing storage efficiency by automatically migrating less accessed files to archival storage, and reducing storage growth rate on high end storage. Users can choose to have less frequently used files automatically compressed in-place or routed to less expensive and storage systems.

Automated capacity management - SafeCapacity automates data optimization and life-cycle management using "Set and Forget" policies. System administrators no longer need to closely monitor storage on each individual file system, or spend hours on end juggling physical file placement to meet business needs.

Optimization of High Speed storage - For high-end environments, SafeCapacity's Hotfile option allows for easy identification and transparent migration of hot files to faster storage, without requiring modification to applications. SafeCapacity maintains the high speed I/O data rates delivered by the faster storage through its pass-through relocation method, guaranteeing that critical applications receive the performance they need. By continuously monitoring and maintaining optimum file I/O performance in mixed storage device systems, SafeCapacity-Hotfile delivers near perfect IOPS [input/output per second] levels.

Cost savings - The ability to balance storage resources by segmenting data based on business rules allows users of SafeCapacity to achieve enormous cost savings. By following user configurable storage policies, SafeCapacity automatically categorizes and transparently migrates files to other storage devices at scheduled intervals, freeing storage administrators from this previously tedious and time consuming task.

Continuous storage availability - SafeCapacity virtually eliminates downtime caused by out-of-disk-space events by monitoring remaining free space and automatically freeing additional space when needed-- within seconds.

Management by automated alerts - Administrators may now manage their storage either by exception or with proactiveness. SafeCapacity provides a unique and revolutionary, real-time approach to managing storage resources. When a storage capacity crisis is looming, administrators receive both the instant notification of the impending issue and the reassurance that SafeCapacity has begun following its policy to automatically correct the problem.

Ease of scaling - SafeCapacity automatically scales to any size file system environment and facilitates the expansion of user's storage facilities without unnecessary downtime.

Support for all storage architectures - Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), SCSI over IP (iSCSI), and Direct Attached Storage (DAS).

Certification SafeCapacity Version 2.x is compatible to Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle WebLogic R1, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3.0, Oracle ExaData, Oracle ExaLogic, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster. 

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Learn more about the SafeCapacity-SRM™ Storage Resource Management.

Customer Quotes

"The advanced capacity protection and management automation features of Solution-Soft’s SafeCapacity solution makes it a perfect fit with FalconStor's IPStor.''

Reijane Huai
CEO of FalconStor

"SafeCapacity is the best UNIX-based product that we have found to work with Grau Data's Infinistore and it allows us to deliver a single, shared, low-cost storage platform to our larger customers." 

Andy Richards
CTO of Grau Data Storage