Time Machine Enterprise Management Console

Your Centralized Control Center for the Whole Enterprise

Time Machine Enterprise Management Console:

Time Machine Enterprise Management Console (TMEMC) provides an intuitive GUI specifically designed to navigate the Time Machine Suite of Products. If Time Machine is the engine of a vehicle, think of the TMEMC as the steering wheel. Using the TMEMC as one console to manage the whole enterprise enables users to monitor and manage all Time Machine installed systems through the same GUI, no matter if it is on premise, or in the cloud. The TMEMC also allows users to set virtual dates and times, simultaneously control UNIX, Linux, and Windows machines, and offers enterprise security such as user management, idle session lockout, and audit trail build-in. Read more...

Benefits & Features

  • Intuitive and consistent interface across Time Machine Suite of Products
  • One console to monitor and manage all Time Machine and framework systems in the enterprise
  • Virtual clock can be set/reset and monitored by group, user, process, rules, or sync groups
  • Persistent virtual clock is supported to continuous ticking across reboots
  • Connection management remember connection parameters for ease-of-use in the future
  • Enterprise security with passworded access control, idle timer, and audit trail
  • Provides the freedom for enterprises to utilize their resources for date testing
  • Local language supports French, German, Russian or Simplified Chinese in addition to English