Time Machine Floating License Server

Sharing your Time Machine licenses across the enterprise & in the Cloud

Time Machine Floating License Server

The Floating License Server enables automatic license management for Time Machine across the enterprise and in the Cloud. A pool of license units can be hosted on a Floating License Server, and checked out automatically by any Time Machine system when Time Machine service starts and released once the service stops. No manual license key step of contacting the vendor is needed when a new system comes up that needs to time travel. As long as there are license units left in the pool, any Time Machine system can grab the license automatically and time travel. As a result, license units can be shared or floated to any Time Machine system within the enterprise or in the Cloud.

Key Benefits

Automate license management: without human intervention, license can be fulfilled without applying key Save total cost: pool of license units share across different OS platforms and cpu core combinations to maximize your license usage Support dynamic Cloud provision: if a system life is 10 minutes, it will utilize the license for 10 minutes and return it upon termination Support Cloud elasticity: if cpu core counts are adjusted on-the-fly due to dynamic load, required license units will be adjusted automatically Manage at ease: centralize automatic license management for entire enterprise, a big time saver


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