"Time Machine enabled us to be part of a wider, multi-vendor delivery, and work within the time frames set by the client. We could not have completed sufficient testing without Time Machine; it has given us the confidence that the long-term scenarios are working as designed. There were no feasible alternatives, and Time Machine did all that we have expected and helped us deliver a very complex programme."*
Alastair Rennie
IT Director, Westoct

"Time Machine saves time and reduces our stress. We now cover all of our critical time sensitive functionality in the most efficient way possible. Time Machine helps Together Money to meet its delivery date. Time Machine Sync Server facilitates true test automation for its banking applications which results a big cost reduction on deployment.”*
Rahul Bhargava
Lead Test Manager
Together Money

“We used Solution-Soft’s Time Machine software on a client project delivery whereby we had to illustrate the system capabilities and functionality of what would happen over a period of 12 months. We used Time Machine in detail which resulted in less manual testing and the facility to automate testing drove the test cases through a really high volume. The fact that over 2000 scenarios and user stories were created and delivered through this Time Machine software enabled the project to be delivered on time with little defects.” *
Senior Consultancy Manager
Sopra Steria

“Please accept my thanks, on behalf of Zurich and DXC, for the excellent customer service you have given us, and for making this task so straightforward.”
Martin Schonbeck
Zurich Account - Group DC Platform

"Thanks a lot Solution-Soft, for getting our urgent requirement done over the weekend and so late. Appreciate it!"
Manager Engineer
National Australia Bank (NAB)

“You guys have been beyond amazing on every single support request, thanks again, so much.”
Windows Technical Specialist
CYBG Learn More

“Without Time Machine, we simply would not have been able to accomplish this testing or training as it would have been way too much work and the wrong dates would have been seen in the program. Microsoft’s Active Directory essentially prohibits us from being able to move the system clock forward or back from real-time. Time Machine provided us the ability to get this done.”
Mortgage Platform Architect
One of the Largest Banks in UK Learn More

“A mortgage platform has a number of time critical parameters that are triggered in the e2e journey. Testing without Time Machine would have resulted in a much higher risk based approach to the System Integration test phase or a longer test phase.”
Project Manager
One of the Top Ten Banks in UK Learn More

“As a member of Avanade’s delivery team, I would not hesitate to involve Solution-Soft in other testing schedules and look forward to working with them in the future.”
Simon Bradbury
Client Consultant

“We are experiencing an 80%+ savings in time by using Time Machine instead of changing the system clock.”
Ketan Gada
QA Manager
One of the UK’s Largest Banks Learn More

“Time Machine has been a great complement to our collections projects, as it helps our customers to reduce time to ROI and allows us to have great confidence in our testing cycles.”
Daniel Bowles
Senior Director of Business Development

“In addition to Time Machine’s effectiveness and cost saving for our SAP deployment, our other greatest benefit is the ability to train our users with a consistent and predictable data set.” *
Peter Walmsley
Technical Project Manager
IBM UK/Large Banking Project

“Without Time Machine, this testing would have simply been impossible to accomplish without expending tremendous resources and cost to the bank.”
Richard Hallick
Key developer

“It helped us reduce the time that we were testing out applications and the testing team [was] very pleased.”
Petros Bozatzis

"Thanks especially to the Solution-Soft team for your responsiveness - it was much appreciated."
George Jansen
Project Management
National Australia Bank

"As a longtime customer enjoying how Time Machine streamlines and saves costs on our critical testing during multiple project deployments, I'd like to add my thanks for Solution-Soft's support team's prompt response. Your invaluable help was very much appreciated especially since these issues have caused us quite a bit of grief during our Siebel application testing."
Environment Lead
Test Environments
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“We have Time Machine in use in our test environment. Our test Midas environment is dependent on services running on a test IBM mainframe. The problem is that this mainframe is lagging behind in time so we need to adjust our test banking application on Midas, to run the same date, in order to fully test all functionality in the banking application. I can confirm that Time Machine has performed as expected and we are pleased with it.”
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
Nordia Bank

* = testimonials with an asterisk appear in multiple categories