Time Machine Framework for SQL

Enable Parallel Time Shift Testing for SQL

Time Machine Framework for SQL:

Customers using Microsoft SQL database can time travel specific sessions or connections in real time rather than the entire database instance with Time Machine Framework for SQL. As a result, different sessions connect to the same SQL instance can see different virtual clocks or system clock based on your requirements and how users are sharing the instance. This is particular useful for multi-tenant situation in the Cloud, where different customers may be sharing the same SQL instance and may not want to time travel to the same time.  In addition, rules can be established that allow for virtual clocks to be created whenever a certain user connects, a connection is made from a specified one or more hosts, when a connection is made by specific programs. What's more is that these rule filters can be used in combination with Time Machine Sync Server to broadcast a virtual clock to multiple targets in the sync group, such as both the SQL database and an application server on a different system.

Benefits & Features

  • Time travel only the sessions needed.
  •  Various sessions to the same SQL instance could have different virtual clocks or stay at system time.
  •  Intuitive and easy to use GUI to set virtual clock on-the-fly.
  •  Rule enables test automation and automatic virtual clock configuration.
  •  Provides all the features of Time Machine to the SQL Database in  finer granularity.