Time Machine® Container presentation for DXC Australia Banking & Capital Markets

SANTA CLARA, CA. Wednesday, June 12, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT


Solution-Soft held its annual Time Machine presentation and demo for the DXC Banking and Capital Markets Industry in May 2024 with flying colors. Account Directors, Account Executives, and pre- & post-sales consultants from DXC APAC joined the presentation. The 2024 presentation focused on containerization which has become mainstream with ever-increasing high demand for enterprises worldwide for digital transformation!

During container migration, massive testing becomes extremely critical to meet delivery dates! Solution-Soft’s Time Machine for Containers (TMCON) is recognized as a must to manage a myriad of namespaces in a cluster to run complex test scenarios with just a few clicks.

During the presentation, our technical team did a deep dive into some of the customers' usage cases through Q&A; CalHeers, State of Hawaii, and Folksam are among the happy campers using TMCON to reach mission-impossible goals. Department for Work and Pensions UK (DWP UK) recently acquired an additional enterprise Time Machine license to run massive testing for its OpenShift/Oracle/Siebel project - with Oracle OCPU unit. One of the largest German banking solution providers has confirmed adopting Time Machine to run critical & massive date & time-sensitive logic testing on its state-of-the-art Container environment! A premier British electricity and gas utility company plans to use Time Machine to test daylight saving changes for its homegrown application in OpenShift. This session helps the DXC team to ramp up quickly to identify Time Machine needs for their clients’ container projects.

The presentation was overwhelmingly successful. DXC Banking and Capital Markets group and Solution-Soft reconfirmed the incredible synergy as long-term strategic partners. As a result, the DXC team has identified almost a dozen opportunities that need Time Machine: Westpac/DXC team has included Time Machine into a solution they have submitted to the bank, DXC/ANZ teams on digital transformation testing, ANZ/Suncorp merger acquisition integration project! In parallel, we`re on a mission with DXC directors on opportunities to save time and money for National Australia Bank (NAB) and Commonwealth Bank (CBA) testing projects. Finally, DXC Practice for Oracle executives recognized TM as a viable testing solution for their customers` on-time project delivery.

DXC has been a solid Time Machine champion and strong partner we have worked closely with for 20+ years on numerous projects including ATO, ANZ, DHS (Services Australia), NAB, and many others. 4 pillar banks, ATO, Telstra, Greater Western Water, Deutsche Bank, AIG, Zurich, Lloyds Bank, DHL, British Gas, and Obamacare are just some of 2000+ customers across industries - empowered by Time Machine on dozens of joint projects in the last 30 years.

Why? Because we help our customers & partners to complete projects 3-10x faster and with 1/3 the network infrastructure, with a huge saving in expense!


About Time Machine

Time Machine saves ten-fold or more on resources and costs associated with temporal testing of applications. It enables you to finish your large scale software projects on time and under budget. Some other usage scenarios of Time Machine include Cloud migration, time zone adjustment, data aging, Big Data analysis and online training. Time Machine is the original date and time simulation software for Unix and Windows since 1997 and it is Cloud ready. Thousands of customers worldwide utilize Time Machine successfully across all industries on a daily basis; including 47 of the Fortune 100 companies.

About Solution-Soft

Solution-Soft is the leader in virtual clock, time shift testing software solutions for the ever changing digital world. Our flagship and market proven product, Time Machine, opened up brand new possibilities in the application testing landscape upon its release in 1997. Today, thousands of applications have been tested with Time Machine, and IT professionals recognize that using a virtual clock is the ideal and safest way to conduct date and time testing. As pioneer in our field, we've created the Time Machine Product Suite, a collection of cutting-edge testing software that augment Time Machine to further streamline enterprise cloud initiatives and IT simplification. The product suite offers a complete solution for end-to-end application testing, cloud migration, test automation, Agile/DevOPs, Continuous Operation, and Test Data Management. We proudly provide our 2000+ domestic and international customers, including 47 of Fortune 100 companies, our advanced solutions to optimize their testing and help deliver projects on-time. Solution-Soft's customers are across all market sectors including 3M, AMEX, Australia Tax Office, BBC, Boeing, British Gas, Covered California, Discover, Fed Ex, Federal Reserve Bank, French Telecom, National Australia Bank, and Zurich Insurance. We bolster our market presence through robust partnerships with companies including Accenture, Capgemini, Citrix, Delphix, DXC, FICO, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and SAP.

Founded in 1993, Solution-Soft is privately held and based in Santa Clara, CA, for more information visit www.solution-soft.com or call +1.408.346.1400.

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