The Temporal Testing Solution for Migration Testing

Time Machine® The Original Virtual Clock

Migration Testing

Solution-Soft’s numerous customers have found that using Time Machine to test and validate all date & time logic within their new or migrated environments has allowed them to complete their migration process on-time and under budget.  By providing unique and individual virtual dates & times to users of the system, Time Machine can allow any tester to run any module under any specific virtual date needed. This allows the testing group to simultaneously run certain processes with a simulated end-of-month, while others can be checked for any future year-end validity, and other applications run in real-time.  Users of Time Machine can easily condense a months’ worth of processing down to a week, or years’ worth of processing to a month. 

Migration and testing are both very specialized, functional disciplines that demand resources with the appropriate experience, specialization skills, and tools.  Examples of these changes in an environment include the software being run on a new hardware platform, alterations to the application or interacting with different software.  Fully testing migrated applications to guarantee they correctly handle temporal (date & time) logic is critical. A single defect may result in a wide range of failure symptoms.  It is commonly believed that the earlier a defect is found the cheaper it is to fix it. A common cause of software failure (real or perceived) is a lack of compatibility with other software or when run on another operating system (even different versions), or target environments that differ greatly from the original. If migrated applications can no longer correctly handle month-end billing, year-end financials or time-based expiry events you will be putting your business at risk.   

Benefits of using Time Machine in Application Migration Testing

  • Flexibility to time & date test in any environment
  • Validation that the systems are working properly
  • Prevents post go-live production issues
  • Tremendous savings on planned and unplanned budgets
  • Simple to install and easy to use

Customer Quotes 

"Time Machine is a very worthwhile product. It has a very important and valid use and we were able to get it to work successfully with our entire application, both the online portion and the batch portion.”
Mike McCormick, project manager - Ohio Department of Administrative Services

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