The Time Shift Testing Solution for SAP®

Time Machine® The Original Virtual Clock

SAP Testing

Solution-Soft's Time Machine has been a fundamental tool used by many SAP testing customers for more than a decade.  Our SAP testing customers have all seen faster and easier deployments from using our software which resulted in significant time & cost savings. 

The SAP Business Suite provides integrated enterprise applications that allow large-scale enterprises to execute and optimize business processes.  The modules within the sphere of the SAP Business Suite are designed to work with other SAP modules or non-SAP software. Because of the scope and complexity of fully deploying SAP, organizations generally install SAP applications in a step-wise manner, incrementally adding new modules while tailoring them to work with other third party applications.  This can be a difficult and long process, and because of that fact it is important that all changes made to the system are fully tested - as any change made to fix a problem late in the game could end up costing millions of dollars to correct. 

Time Machine Benefits to users of SAP

  • Using Time Machine for future date testing of date critical applications such as billing and invoicing in SAP IS-U, or customer contact tracking in SAP CRM
  • Time Machine allows much faster deployment of SAP modules resulting in huge savings in time and money
  • Time Machine has become a standard for implementation & ongoing modernization of SAP in several large companies across the world
  • Time Machine allows to users to test SAP deployments when migrating to new platforms of from legacy implementations
  • Provides a method to increase the clock speed of applications virtually  to accelerate training sessions.  
  • For example: The users view into the system can go through weeks of events in just one afternoon

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