The Time Shift Testing Solution for Active Directory

Time Machine® The Original Virtual Clock

Testing in an Active Directory Environment

Microsoft's Active Directory functions as the central security control in Microsoft networks as well as many mixed mode enterprises.  It provides a variety of networking services such as LDAP, Kerberos-based authentication, Domain Name services, and single sign-on for domain access.  It also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates. Because Active Directory is so tightly coupled with the systems in it's domain it is nearly impossible to date & time test applications for future events.  This is due primarily to Microsoft's Kerberos authentication process which prevents any system clock changes.  

Benefits of using Time Machine in Active Directory

Time Machine provides the only way to thoroughly date test software applications in an Active Directory environment.  The Time Machine software was engineered specifically to allow applications to maintain their security privileges with the AD domain while they move forward in time with a "virtual clock".  This allows the processes under test to see all their necessary network resources while time shift testing is completed.

Customer Quotes 

"Time Machine will be very beneficial to our Windows Server enterprise customers and application service providers that are providing services to end-users from different time zones." 

David Hamilton, Product Manager - Microsoft Corp.

"Time Machine provided a quick and efficient way to date forward servers without having to build a solution or change application code.  The product (Time Machine) has worked out as advertised and we do not have any issues. It simply works!" 

Doug Rowe, Manager of Distribution Solutions - Nationwide

Active Directory Case Studies

Equiniti Group Time Machine helps streamline testing of pension application in Windows Active Directory environment

Nationwide Insurance Testing the effects of rate changes to Insurance policies in applications running on Windows servers in an Active Directory environment

Australian Tax-Entity Verifies Change Program Management System (CPMS)  Windows .NET development front-end with a COBOL & mainframe back-end

Anonymous U.S. State .NET Web-based Tax Filing and payment system

UK Based Bank Date testing of mortgage, banking, and insurance  systems in a Windows Active Directory environment.