The Virtual Clock for Regression Testing Software Systems

Time Machine® The Original Virtual Clock

Regression Testing

In today's interconnected world, no matter how insignificant a change may seem, it can have far reaching effects. Regression Testing is the practice of running all existing tests to ensure that today's changes do not break existing functionality. Time Machine® plays a pivotal role in our enterprise customers' ability to successfully regression test applications that may have hundreds of test cases.


The flexibility facilitated by the Time Machine® command line interface allows for seamless integration with test automation suites like those by Solution-Soft partners IBM, HP and Micro Focus. These suites enable complete test management and full traceability from requirements to test cases to automated test scripts. Time traveling the application with Time Machine for regression testing integrates right into the existing scripts.

Benefits of using Time Machine in Application Regression Testing

  • Flexibility to time & date test in any environment
  • Easily Integrates with Automated Scripting
  • Test all Temporal Test Cases with Every Change
  • Simple to install and easy to use

Customer Quotes 

"Using Time Machine, Telstra was able to test all the scenarios of their SAP R/3 upgraded release in the alloted project time, whilesaving money on system administrator resources.”
Pooven Govender, Consultant - SAP BASIS Team Deloitte Consulting/ Telstra

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