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Solution-Soft Time Machine Technical Presentation Webinar

Solution-Soft hosts technical webinars regularly to consultancies on-demand. Our partners such as HP & CSC (now DXC) and Accenture share many joint customers with us. Technical round tables are essential for them to learn our technology and keep up on new product enhancements/releases. Common business cases are presented for application/software testing (SIT, UAT etc) either for Cloud migration, or Server Consolidation and other critical testing.

How Exactly Does Time Shift Testing Work?

Business rely on applications and software more than ever today. With so many effective, efficient cloud-based platforms allowing companies to perform a huge range of processes online, having as much control over applications’ functions is vital. Technical complications and errors can lead to huge issues, delaying work and setting schedules back, possibly even causing financial problems.

The Amazing Benefits of Time Shift Testing

Bringing an application to market takes time, money, and patience. 

In order to secure the best return on your investment, you have to ensure the application is the best it can be at release. Identifying mistakes or flaws down the line can lead to expensive changes, delayed service, and damage to your reputation. 

So, how does time shift testing help? 

Solution-Soft Happy To Be A Microsoft Partner For Another Year

Solution-Soft is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with industry-giant Microsoft. 

In the past year, Solution-Soft has worked hard to make sure that our Time Machine software offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Azure, to maximize its reach and efficiency. 

What is Microsoft Azure? An expanding set of connected cloud services, covering such diverse elements as mobile, networking, analytics, and more. Businesses and consumers can use Azure to run their custom apps using Microsoft’s own network of data centers, grow their IT environment, and more. 

Solution-Soft to Attend Oracle OpenWorld in September

Oracle OpenWorld is an annual convention held by Oracle Corporation, one of the biggest computer companies in the world. 

Each year, thousands of attendees visit one of the three international venues: San Francisco, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. The San Francisco convention alone received as many as 60,000 attendees two years ago, while millions watch live-streaming footage. 

Time Machine in the Oracle Cloud

It has been established pretty well already that Time Machine has been a reformer in software application testing processes with its ease of use and transparency.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service has been rising to the top as a disrupter in cloud technology, competing well with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, companies that have led the burgeoning market in recent years.

Common Issues Time Shift Testing Can Help Uncover

We can all admit it – business is a time-sensitive endeavor. Whether you are a business-to-consumer or a business-to-business enterprise, time of day, day of week, month of year and year of century can all make an impact on our business.

How Time Machine saved the USDA (and all us taxpayers) money

In the heart of the debate season, candidates are in the midst of making promises that the studies show they won't keep. How they will save this and implement that. Then we all get angered when we learn of these disappointing reports of government bureaucrats conducting acts of waste, fraud and abuse of our hard-earned tax money.

The idea has become so prevalent that some of us may actually think our government has no intention of saving us money. They wouldn’t know savings from a hole in the ground.