Time Machine in the Oracle Cloud

It has been established pretty well already that Time Machine has been a reformer in software application testing processes with its ease of use and transparency.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service has been rising to the top as a disrupter in cloud technology, competing well with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, companies that have led the burgeoning market in recent years.

With cloud technology and cloud computing being the new innovation, the drive has been for many companies to develop and reconstitute their “traditional” platform software and applications to the new cloud environment. As cloud technology is still new compared to the classic and conventional computing platforms, software and application testing can be an arduous, time consuming and potentially expensive proposition.

If you are working through the Oracle Database Cloud Service for your cloud infrastructure and software and application development, you now have a tool that can dramatically speed up your testing time and move your development process to a cost effective level that rivals more traditional platforms.

You can get access to the Time Machine Framework for Oracle (TMFO) , which allows you to time test your software and applications quickly and effectively using a cloud platform. And just like the time-honored Time Machine, the new framework for Oracle has equally simple and stress free implementation. By providing you with virtual clocks and calendars that do not affect your system, users can test in many dates, times, and scenarios in the past or the future through the cloud, enabling faster software development and implementation. All this in the same database instance maximizing your applications efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The Time Machine Framework for Oracle is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, is very easy to install and implement and will transform your development process in ways you did not think were possible in the cloud environment. Solution-Soft continues to innovate, and in the cloud space it is on the cutting edge of technology to make sure that your applications go live in the cloud as swift as the technology itself allows.

Get your cloud-based software testing up to speed, literally and figuratively, with the Time Machine Framework for Oracle on the Oracle Database Cloud Service.