The Amazing Benefits of Time Shift Testing

Bringing an application to market takes time, money, and patience. 

In order to secure the best return on your investment, you have to ensure the application is the best it can be at release. Identifying mistakes or flaws down the line can lead to expensive changes, delayed service, and damage to your reputation. 

So, how does time shift testing help? 

Solve Problems Ahead of Time

Using time shift testing software, you can move your application’s virtual clock through time to any date you require. By doing this, you can explore the software’s ability to cope with specific changes in traffic and time of day. If you are only assessing your application during office hours, or over the same periods, you may be missing flaws in its performance.

Needless to say, in today’s competitive online marketplace, no business can afford to neglect their clients’ quality of experience (QoE). 

Time shift testing grants you the power to make sure your application works at any time of day or night, allowing you to rectify dips in performance. 

Save Money and Time Changing Clocks on Servers

As an alternative to software virtual clocks, businesses can adjust the system clock on their server. However, as anyone who has attempted this will know, it can be a time-consuming process and require a number of administrators working together.

If you need to do this on multiple occasions during an application’s lifetime, the cost and inconvenience could prove problematic. Time shift testing performs the same job without the real-world complexities of changing your server’s system clock. 

Adjusting the server’s system clock may actually be prohibited in certain environments (such as those under Active Directory).

Avoid Costly Delays in Vital Administrative Tasks

Billing, project-management, task-assignment, year-end processing, and other administrative duties depend on effective functionality and automated processes. 

When issuing invoices to clients or handling bills, applications must be as accurate as possible – the slightest mistake may cost money. It may even lead to significant legal problems.

If you have created an application designed to make administrative tasks easier and provide time-saving solutions, creating more problems for clients may cause huge damage to your reputation. 

By traveling applications into the future or past, you can ensure your key processes remain effective at all times, avoiding costly or damaging errors. 

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