Solution-Soft Time Machine Technical Presentation Webinar

Solution-Soft hosts technical webinars regularly to consultancies on-demand. Our partners such as HP & CSC (now DXC) and Accenture share many joint customers with us. Technical round tables are essential for them to learn our technology and keep up on new product enhancements/releases. Common business cases are presented for application/software testing (SIT, UAT etc) either for Cloud migration, or Server Consolidation and other critical testing.

Most recently we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a technical webinar upon request for DXC Technology. Although originally planned to be hosted as a Time Machine Webinar for Asia Pacific clients, due to such high demand, the presentation ended up including global clients as well. For those of you couldn't attend, don't worry. Solution-Soft is in the planning stages of setting up an additional DXC webinar. Stay tune.


To begin the webinar, knowledgeable Solution-Soft representatives educated the group about TimeMachine and TimeMachine suite products such as Sync Server that facilitate a complete test automation and the new product offering, Enterprise Management Console .

Secondly, we covered specific scenarios and business cases where Time Machine and its suite of products were utilized. While TimeMachine is currently used by all "4 pillars" of the Australian banks, we still like provide further tangible examples of the products excellence. To do so, we covered case studies from real clients that made real difference.

Some of our favorite examples are the Lloyd Banking group where TimeMachine provided “0%+ savings in time”, the Telstra SAP Rollout where Time Machine was able“to decrease their regression test cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day”, and the Australian Tax Office case in which Time Machine was lauded as being "invaluable for…on-time deployment". Lastly, there was a visual demonstration of the TimeMachine and its suite to ensure complete comprehension of the products expansive capabilities.


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As always, it’s a pleasure for Solution-Soft to present to any IT consultancy. If you have any interest in our products or being part of a future webinar, please see our Contact page.