Solution-Soft to Attend Oracle OpenWorld in September

Oracle OpenWorld is an annual convention held by Oracle Corporation, one of the biggest computer companies in the world. 

Each year, thousands of attendees visit one of the three international venues: San Francisco, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. The San Francisco convention alone received as many as 60,000 attendees two years ago, while millions watch live-streaming footage. 

In September, Solution-Soft will visit the San Francisco Oracle OpenWorld event to highlight our latest products. Will be focusing on our Time Machine Framework for Oracle (TMFO) and our Time Machine Framework for WebLogic (TMFWL), two powerful new software-testing tools in our arsenal.

Exhibiting Leading Time Shift Testing Software Solutions

At Solution-Soft, we are the market-leader in software testing tools designed for date and time sensitive applications, alongside file transfers, data-storage management, and data compression. Our time shift testing solutions allows our diverse portfolio of customers to test their applications' logic by shifting them into the past or future. 

Solution-Soft created Time Machine Framework for Oracle to increase the granularity and precision of time shift testing when using Oracle databases.  The Time Machine Framework for Oracle is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Customers can use Time Machine Framework for Oracle to set virtual clocks for active connections to Oracle Database, rather than having to time travel the whole database. As a result, customers can enjoy a quicker deployment process, saving time overall.

Solution-Soft has seen great success using Oracle Database Cloud Service. We contracted the service on an on-demand basis, ensuring maximum cost efficiency. We are always looking to expand the range of services we offer, and their quality. By attending Oracle OpenWorld, we will be able to demonstrate our services and introduce the benefits of our Time Machine Framework for Oracle and the Time Machine Framework for WebLogic.

Oracle OpenWorld is a fantastic event, popping with dynamism, learning, and fun. We look forward to being part of the convention, and meeting other influential figures from the industry and discovering an extensive variety of innovations.

Solution-Soft can help you enjoy smoother, more time- and cost-effective application testing, data management, and more. Call our team for more information.