Time Machine® in Application Regression Testing

In today’s world, products and solutions must be agile and dynamic if a business wants to retain its customers and best its competitors. With frequent changes and modifications in application source code, the need for regression testing is critical.

Regression testing requires that an adequate minimum set of test cases be executed to ensure no new software defects, regressions in the application functionality, have been introduced with new changes.

Using Time Machine® in Regression Testing

In an enterprise environment, the regression test bed can quite large. To test early, test often and with each iteration of the software, test automation tools can be essential in order to complete regression testing in a timely fashion. Solution-Soft's Time Machine is critical in testing the date and time centric test cases using virtual clocks to “time travel” the application. Time Machine integrates seamlessly with major automation testing suites and partner with vendors like Micro Focus, HP and IBM.

Benefits of using Time Machine® in Application Regression Testing

  • Flexibility to time & date test in any environment
  • Easily Integrates with Automated Scripting
  • Test all Temporal Test Cases with Every Change
  • Simple to install and easy to use


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