Top 3 Reasons: Enterprise Management Console

For most people, there’s nothing more valuable than their time. Time Machine was developed to save time with time shift testing applications and deployment. Now, with our Time Machine Enterprise Management Console (TMEMC), our time-shift testing software has never been easier to control. The TMEMC provides a finely-tuned, intricately designed, incredibly intuitive control center to navigate Time Machine as fluidly and quickly as possible; enhancing your experience and maximizing your time. Here are the Top 3 reasons you need the Time Machine Enterprise Management Console.

1. Every Car Needs a Steering Wheel

To navigate software as unique as Time Machine in a simple, user friendly manner, you need something specifically designed with the user in mind. Think of the Time Machine Enterprise Management Console as a perfectly contoured steering wheel in a high performance sports car. The Enterprise Management Console will allow you to intuitively navigate Time Machine by providing a user friendly graphical interface. To get the most out of the Time Machine software, invest in the TMEMC and be in complete control of your time shift tests.

2. Expansive Deployment & Language Options

With the power of the intricately designed TMEMC you can deploy Time Machine on any system in the organization regardless of geographic location. This allows for extensive reach and maximum coverage and use of your software. Additionally, to avoid communication obstacles, the TMEMC can connect directly to any image running Time Machine in the enterprise in French, German, Russian or Simplified Chinese.

3. Comprehensive Monitoring and Managing

The TMEMC allows for any authorized user to create any virtual clock. This means no more waiting and more freedom for you as a user. Additionally, when used with the Time Machine Sync Server, the intuitive interface allows any authorized user the power to create any type of virtual clock (fast, slow, frozen, absolute, relative) and broadcast it to a mass number of machines automatically. Along with virtual clock creation, one can control the virtual clock at group, user, or process level. All this helps simplify the date testing process as it minimizes the possibility of human error when synchronizing virtual clocks across multiple domains and trying to manage the varying accounts. With the TMEMC, one can monitor and manage all the Time Machine Suite of Products installed systems in the enterprise no matter if it is on premise or in the Cloud.

Peace of mind can’t be purchased but Time Machine (and the Time Machine Enterprise Management Console) can!