Time Machine & Product Suite Software Presentation, Demo, and Use Case Sharing for DXC Australia/New Zealand Banking & Cap Market Group

SANTA CLARA CA. - Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 9:00 AM AEST


Time Machine & Product Suite Software Presentation, Demo, and Use Case Sharing for DXC Australia/New Zealand Banking & Cap Market Group


Solution-Soft has been working cohesively with our consultant partners worldwide for large enterprise application projects focusing on the core part of deployment - testing. Time Machine has become a de facto standard to run critical test scenarios for our partners and for customers' implementations, especially with the rapid changes & demands of digital transformation. The Banking sector always shows high demand for rigorous banking application testing with their critical test methodologies like Agile/DevOps. Our partners see the great benefits that Time Machine & it’s Product Suite provide to run impeccable testing for on time delivery under budget and many of them started asking us for technical round tables to include product demos, new feature updates, and use case sharing.

Since then, Solution-Soft has been hosting many technical presentations to our consultant partners, including some companies such as DXC, Deloitte, Capgemini, and Accenture.

It was our honor to be invited by DXC Australia/New Zealand Banking & Cap Market Group to do a presentation on their monthly forum on November 20, 2019. We had the distinct pleasure of hosting this technical webinar to DXC's Client Partners & Managing Directors. Although the webinar forum had allotted one hour, the presentation had been extended for another 30+ minutes because of the overwhelming technical & usages Q&A.

Audience Information

The team presented to were Account General Managers and Senior Sales Teams from the Banking & Capital Markets Industry. These Account Teams cover the below accounts:

Bank of Queensland
Latitude Financial Services
Macquarie Bank


One hour to present to the Banking Industry, the agenda for this session is completely owned by us.  We can choose to present for 45min and have a 15min Q&A session, or allow Q&A throughout the session.

Recommendations for Partner Presentation

Our Client Partners across the strategic accounts are looking at how our Partners are engaging with their clients, and what your key value proposition is, and most importantly, how DXC and our partners can work together to deliver successful solutions to our key clientele. It’s a discussion forum in the room as opposed to a stand-and-deliver presentation. We want to drive the partnership together by understanding the value we can offer each other in a way that strengthens our partnership.

Solution-Soft had presented case studies that work well with the DXC team and covered the below strategic criteria. Some of the existing case studies/success stories from working with the Banking Industry clients are jointed customers which were really well received.

·         Overview of the of product/solution features relevant to FSI.
·         Business purpose of the product/solution and potential market/commercial opportunity
·         Technical problems that the product/service aims to solve
·         Details of product/solution roadmaps
·         A used case where the product/solution was effective, particularly one deployed by DXC, how it succeeded and the feedback received
·         Competitive position of the solution in the market
·         Competitive Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses)
·         Scenarios where the product or service not a good fit (i.e. contra-indicators)


 Time Machine software tool provides virtual time to any application WITHOUT affecting the server system clock.  This optimizes the time-change process when testing time-sensitive logic by eliminating all the shut downs and re-starts associated with adjusting the system clock.  Testers on shared systems will no longer be interrupted for these tests.  Time Machine can automate this process to fill a gap with Test Automation schemes, and it supports automation, the Cloud, containers, middleware pools, and testing within database instances (Oracle and MS SQL).

To begin the presentation, knowledgeable Solution-Soft representatives educated the group about Time Machine and the Time Machine Product Suite such as Sync Server and the new product offering, Enterprise Management Console.
From there we covered sharing Time Machine licenses automatically with the Floating License Server and test automation in AWS Cloud : script to provision new Linux test systems on-the-fly; check out Time Machine licenses automatically with Floating License Server; utilize Sync Server URL API to update sync group definitions with new systems and time travel the new systems to perform  tests, return Time Machine licenses; destroy the test systems. Extreme testing in AWS. This is how new releases can be tested automatically without human intervention and pay-as-you-go.
Next, we presented specific scenarios and business cases where Time Machine and its suite of products were utilized. While Time Machine is currently used by all 4 Pillars of the Australian banking group, major Governments around the world including Department of Works & Pension, Calif C-IV, we still like provide further tangible examples of the products excellence. To do so, we covered case studies from real clients that made real difference.
Some of our favorite examples are the Lloyds Banking Group where Time Machine provided “80%+ savings in time”, the Telstra SAP Rollout where Time Machine was able “ to decrease their regression test cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day”, as well as the Avanade Barclays Bank case in which “without Time Machine, [they] simply would not have been able to accomplish [their] testing or training.” Lastly, there was a visual demonstration of the Time Machine and its suite to ensure complete comprehension of the products expansive capabilities.

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As always, it’s a pleasure for Solution-Soft to present to any IT consultancy. If you have any interest in our products or being part of a future webinar, please see our Contact Page.

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