Time Machine for Containers

SANTA CLARA, CA. - Wednesday, June 26, 2020

The Challenge:

With the advent of container orchestration and micro containers for application development there has been paradigm shift, testing a date and time sensitive application logic has become a great challenge.

Container orchestration tends to be quite dynamic in nature and dozens or hundreds of containers may be working together to serve an application.  To time travel all the containers involved in the same date/time test, testing overall application logic is very hard to do.

The Solution: Time Machine and TM Product Suite

Time Machine provides a virtual software clock and is container aware so testers can set a virtual clock at container level without the need to involve system administrators to change the system clocks. Time Machine Sync Server enables testers to broadcast the same virtual clock to all the containers involved with just a couple of clicks or via URL API from test script for test automation.Time Machine Floating License Server provides a container license pool, which can be shared by all the containers automatically without the need to call support to get license keys, which isn’t practical for a dynamic environment or hundreds of containers.

Time Machine Bundle: Available in AWS Marketplace

A Time Machine container host with Sync Server and Floating License Server bundle is available in the AWS marketplace. Testers can provision any EC2 instance with the Time Machine bundle pre-installed. A Time Machine container image is also available and can be downloaded from the Docker Hub for immediate deployment.