Time Machine in Application Migration Testing

When you are tasked with validating an application for a new environment, there are certain inherent risks that the application won’t function in the way it is intended.  This is the reality in moving business processes from an on-premises operation to an operation in the cloud. 

Migration testing has become an increasingly important part of application life cycle management that needs to be planned executed carefully before the application can be rolled out. Solution-Soft’s Time Machine can help make the migration test much more efficient and accurate, helping you prepare the migration with less worry and expense. 

Here are the four things that Time Machine offers for your next migration test:

  • Ease. Time Machine overlays on your current system without affecting any part of it, so it is very easy to install. It’s like a pane of glass or a plastic cover; you see the system and it runs normally, but you are able to intuitively use the software as well. 
  • Flexibility. Time Machine software not only allows you to time and date test in the past, present or future and all time zones and all dates, it also has the versatility to allow you to test in any environment, including on-premises, in the cloud as well as containers.
  • Validation. Our software provides you feedback to ensure that the systems are working properly in the destination environment. There is no guesswork here; our software will validate for you and let you know that all is well.
  • Savings. When you consider the amount of time and resources you use in migration testing without Time Machine, you can see quick results in getting under budget and being more efficient in your migrations when you use Time Machine.

If you are finding yourself expending a lot of resources to migrate your applications, it might be time to consider using Time Machine for your future migration testing. Get more information here and contact us today to learn how Time Machine can make your migration seamless and effective faster than you ever thought possible!