Time Heals What Reason Cannot

In healthcare, it is always said that time is of the essence. And even in the administration of healthcare, that seems to be the case, as some federal and state regulations have fairly specific time mandates included in their rules about prescriptions and the administration of care to patients.

But as many healthcare providers don’t operate in a single time zone – and in fact, more than a few have international reach – the concept of time is in some ways even more important.

Take the recent case study of CHD Meridian Healthcare in Nashville, Tenn. CHD is one of those companies that has international reach, with clients in South America and Europe as well as the U.S. There are some federal healthcare regulations that require CHD in some area to provide an accurate timestamp for some of its healthcare provisions to clients – and that means showing the correct time in the clients’ time zone.

CHD Meridian was able to work with Time Machine to fix its timestamp issues and save, by its estimate, several hundred thousand dollars and be in full compliance with federal regulations. Time Machine not only allows virtual clocks specifying time zones around the globe so that production applications can see the correct time, it is also the leader in time shift testing for mission critical applications. After all, time is always of the essence, especially in healthcare, and getting the time right is critical to everyone’s well-being.

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