Solution-Soft RedHat Container Debuted on Podcast

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to deploy applications to containers in order to create isolated space when installing or running a program.  Due to this popularity, Solution-Soft’s flagship product, Time Machine, was recently certified as a container on RedHat

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How does this help you?

Now that Time Machine is RedHat certified, Time Machine can be deployed in the containers to help with validation and the time travel of the applications.  Because the purpose of containers are to operate in a confined environment where everything is controlled, it only seemed natural that Time Machine would be a perfect fit. For those who are unaware, Time Machine deconstructs the conventional testing process and streamlines it. The process of installing automated time shift software is no longer a tedious process.  Users can run virtual clocks simultaneously, completely separate from the system clock. Due to this separation, users are able to avoid typical testing pitfalls such as corrupted data files, taxing admin permissions, expensive working labor, and tedious wait times. 

This increased functionality fits directly in line with the functionality of containers.  With the partnership between Solution-Soft and RedHat, applications, installations, and any other program functions can now be done within the container program.  Ultimately, this allows for more fluid application deployment and greater functionality for all involved.


Raymond Watson, Director of Business Development at Solution-Soft, joined the RedHat X podcast to discuss the uses for Time Machine, as well as the fluidity of the certification process.  “Working with the connect team at RedHat and going through the certification process was quite smooth.  Solution-Soft got all of the information necessary and the process was well documented.” said Raymond Watson.  After only a few iterations, the container was certified.

Now that we’ve certified our Time Machine container, hear all about it for yourself on the RedHat X podcast series today featured on Itunes and GooglePlay!