Solution-Soft Internship Experience

On May 15th, 2017 Solution-Soft hired two new Marketing interns. Over the summer, they were given an opportunity to expand and grow their Marketing skills as well as make the most out of their new position.

Chris Seymour is a native from San Jose, CA. He comes to Solution-Soft as a recent graduate with a B.S. Degree in Marketing from San Jose State University. This is Chris’s first Marketing internship in the Technology Industry. During his free time, Chris is the lead singer as well as Marketing manager for his indie rock band.

Michael Ching is a native from Santa Clara, CA. As a recent graduate with B.S. Degree in Marketing from San Jose State University, Michael comes with much experience, having worked in multiple internships in the Technology industry. In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

“What is the Best Part about Working at Solution-Soft?”

Chris: “The best thing for me at Solution-Soft is that the company is small enough to develop relationships with everyone. I love that you can talk with your coworkers, upper management, and even the CEO! Everyone here is open and approachable so I am always able to get my questions answered.”

Michael: “For me I would have to say it’s the opportunity to practice my skills. Throughout this internship I’ve gotten a chance to really develop and set my own projects. It’s fantastic to see my projects come to life and I hope I have a chance to see them come to maturity.”

“What is one of the biggest difficulties you faced when first starting?”

Chris: “My initial difficulty was getting used to applying my knowledge in a professional work environment. In school, you’re trained in a theoretical manner while here at the office you learn how to translate that knowledge into a project. I am thankful that everyone has been very helpful and I was able to get on my feet quickly.”

Michael: “It would be learning to see the bigger picture. At Solution-Soft, I learned how to really see whether the projects we run will make a significant difference in our brand awareness. This is different from my other internships where I was just told what assignments I had to complete. I am thankful that Solution-Soft has a strong Marketing team and we know how to get stuff done.”

“What is the most important lesson you learned at Solution Soft?”

Chris: "For me, it’s the importance of learning how to shift your weight in the correct direction. Working on different projects simultaneously is a skill that I had to use quite a bit. Solution-Soft is a smaller company so you really learn how to adapt to your environment and wear hats that you might not be used to wearing."

Michael: “The important lesson I’ve learned is to slow down and look at my work before completion. Throughout my internships, I’ve always pushed myself to finish quickly. However, with Solution-Soft, I’ve learned to make sure things are perfect and correct the first time. I learned to step back some moments and think “Do I think that this project is good enough to move to the next phase?”.

Here at Solution-Soft, our interns learned many lessons and skills. We wish them the best in their future dreams and hope that they remember both the lessons and times that they had here.