Sacred Heart Holiday Community Outreach

SANTA CLARA, CA., November 29, 2017 – SolutionSoft Systems Inc. gives back to the community by donating to Sacred Heart

This holiday season we decided to give back to our community just in time for Thanksgiving. Over the past few years we’ve made an effort and a habit out of providing food and supplies for disadvantaged members of our society and this year we decided to donate to Sacred Heart Community Center in San Jose, CA.

On the last work day before Thanksgiving, two employees collected turkeys from the store and drove them from our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA to the Sacred Heart Center in San Jose, CA for their annual “Turkey drive”. When they arrived they found several lines wrapped around the building with people waiting to get inside to obtain food for their holiday festivities. The center was so busy they had to wait 10 minutes to park and talk to a volunteer who was cataloging donated food.

Clearly, the demand was high for what was being donated. In an area in which roughly 30% of the population can’t make ends meet and the median household income for a family of four is upwards of $115,000, we like to do everything we can to help.

Sacred Heart Community Service:

Established in 1964 out of a garage, Sacred Heart is a non-profit organization with the ultimate vision of building a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. They now offer comprehensive services in employment, asset development, education, family support, urban gardening, leadership development, social justice advocacy and more.

“Giving back to the community we live in means a lot to us – particularly around the holidays. If we can help make the holiday a bit brighter, that makes us a stronger and more connected community.”

                                                                     - Margaret Wang, Vice President

By supporting local volun­teer and donation initiatives, we help shape the future of our local communities and continue to encourage posi­tive change and growth in our own company and society as a whole.