Headlined by Larry Ellison, Solution-Soft is Selected as an Oracle Launch Partner at OOW19



Headlined by Larry Ellison, Solution-Soft is Selected as an Oracle Launch Partner at OOW19


Solution-Soft has been working cohesively with our consultant partners worldwide for large enterprise application projects focusing on the core part of deployment - testing. Time Machine has become a de facto standard to run critical test scenarios for our partners and for customers' implementations, especially with the recent wave of digital transformation. The Government sector has increasingly high demands rigorous testing with many test methodology e.t. Agile/DevOps. Our partners see the great benefit that Time Machine & Product Suite provide for on time and under budget delivery. 


The Time Machine software tool provides virtual time to any application WITHOUT affecting the server system clock.  This optimizes the time-change process when testing time-sensitive logic by eliminating all the and re-starts associated with adjusting the system clock.  Testers on shared systems will no longer be interrupted for these tests.  Time Machine can automate this process to fill a gap with Test Automation schemes, and it supports automation, the Cloud, containers, middleware pools, and testing within database instances (Oracle and MS SQL).


Oracle has launched a brand-new program called Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Marketplace that allows Oracle customers to utilize universal credit on 3rd party solutions. This means Oracle customers with surplus universal credit can spend it on Time Machine without needing to go through the PO approval process.

The paid listing is a Pay-As-You-Go model, it pays by hour/OCPU, and is very flexible for Oracle Cloud customers. 


Oracle Open World (OOW19) took place last month and Solution-Soft’s logo was featured at each keynote, including Larry Ellison’s! Check out our social media picture below. We are one of the handful of launch partners handpicked by Oracle for this program.

Oracle has also changed their sales commission to be based on how much universal credit is consumed, rather than This aligns Oracle sales with 3rd parties to promote & sell more 3rd party solutions.

Solution-Soft is also participating in the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) marketplace program, as well. Time Machine is pre-installed in the image and ready to go. 

If you, or your customers have any projects targeting the Oracle Cloud, please be sure to inform us so we can work together. At Solution-Soft we are involved in many projects in the Cloud for Agile, DevOps, test automation, container workload migration and more. 


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It is always a pleasure for Solution-Soft to present to any company or IT Consultancy interested in learning more about Time Machine and its Product Suite. If you have any interest in our products or being part of a future webinar, please visit our Contact Page.