Gives Back To The Community! Solution-Soft Chose EHP


SANTA CLARA, CA., November 29, 2018 – SolutionSoft Systems Inc. gives back to the community by donating to The Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP)

This holiday season we decided to give back to our community just in time for Thanksgiving. Over the years, we've made an effort and a habit out of providing foods and supplies for disadvantaged members of our society and this year The Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto, Ca. was chosen for us make the donation.

Our employee purchased turkeys and hams from the store and delivered them from our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA to The Ecumenical Hunger Program, in East Palo Alto, CA for their annual Thanksgiving Basket giveaway. When she arrived, she found the place buzzing with activity and long lines of people, many of them families, were there to pick up food baskets for the holiday.

Clearly, the demand was high for what was being donated. In an area in which roughly 20% of the population lives in poverty and the median household income is about $56,000, Solution-Soft has decided to make the donation to this most needed location to do everything we can to help.

The Ecumenical Hunger Program: (EHP)

EHP has been in the safety net business since it was founded in 1975 by Miriam Nixon Hope and a group from Church Women United who channeled surplus and donated food to neighborhood pantries where it was then distributed to families in need. EHP was incorporated in 1978 as a non-profit organization, and has grown to become the largest direct emergency food provider in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. EHP also began addressing other critical needs in the community, distributing clothing, furniture, and household essentials, and providing case management, referrals and other support to those in need in our service area.  However, EHP’s program focus has always been on essential resources for survival, primarily food.  Throughout the past four decades, EHP has remained a community based organization meaning that it has grown and adjusted based upon community needs and trends and has only survived with community support without government funding.

“Whether it's joining for a cause, improving the lives of local homeless single mom, or helping community through tough time, I'm so grateful Solution-Soft team's effort can have impact to our society. This year we chose EHP in East Palo Alto to donate because their severe shortage on food supplies. Giving back to the community we live is always part of our corporate core value. If we can help make the holiday a bit brighter, that makes us a stronger and more connected community.”


         - Margaret Wang, Vice President


By supporting local volunteer and donation initiatives, we help shape the future of our local communities and continue to encourage positive change and growth in our own company and society as a whole.