DXC Egypt Presentation: Time Machine Maximizes Test Efficiency Across F100 Companies

SANTA CLARA, CA. – Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT


DXC Egypt Presentation: Time Machine Maximizes Test Efficiency Across F100 Companies


Solution-Soft hosts many technical presentations among customers, IT professional, and consultancies frequently and on-demand, including some companies as DXC/HPE and Accenture. People find our technical presentations very helpful and a pleasant learning experience. Most recently we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a technical webinar upon request to DXC Egypt, one of the top technology consulting companies in the world with offices in 70 countries and revenues near $25 billion last year.


Solution-Soft was invited to present Time Machine to the DXC delivery center in Cairo, Egypt, at the invitation of Gary Westoby, lead test practitioner for DXC in the UK. Time Machine’s virtual clock capabilities were addressed and demonstrated, as it relates to bringing in go-live dates and mitigating risk.  

Topics revolved around Time Machine’s suite of products with particular attention to automation for maximum code coverage in the shortest amount of time. The Time Machine Sync Server, with its URL API, integrates with most test automation tools and has proven to maximize test efficiency across Solution-Soft’s customer base of Fortune 100 clients.

Time Machine software tool provides virtual time to any application WITHOUT affecting the server system clock.  This optimizes the time-change process when testing time-sensitive logic by eliminating all the shut downs and re-starts associated with adjusting the system clock.  Testers on shared systems will no longer be interrupted for these tests.  Time Machine can automate this process to fill a gap with Test Automation schemes, and it supports automation, the Cloud, containers, middleware pools, and testing within database instances (Oracle and MS SQL).

To begin the webinar, knowledgeable Solution-Soft representatives educated the group about TimeMachine and TimeMachine suite products such as Sync Server and the new product offering, Enterprise Management Console.

Secondly, we covered specific scenarios and business cases where Time Machine and its suite of products were utilized. While Time Machine is currently used by all 4 of the Australian banking pillars, we still like provide further tangible examples of the products excellence. To do so, we covered case studies from real clients that made a real difference.

Some of our favorite examples are Lloyds Banking group where "Time Machine provided “80%+ savings in time”, the Telstra SAP Rollout where Time Machine was able “to decrease their regression test cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day”, as well as the Avande case in which “ without Time Machine, [they] simply would not have been able to accomplish [their] testing or training.” Lastly, there was a visual demonstration of the Time Machine and its suite to ensure complete comprehension of the products expansive capabilities.

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Our presentation was well received, with two requests for trials already generated.

As always, it’s a pleasure for Solution-Soft to present to any IT consultancy. If you have any interest in our products or being part of a future webinar, please see our Contact page.