Decompressor DLL

Add-on Module to Solution-Soft's gdzip and mezip Provides Automatic Decompression of Semiconductor Design Files for All EDA Tools

With Solution-Soft's gdzip and mezip, semiconductor companies are able to compress their design files 2 to 10 times smaller than what gzip can do. The 2 to 10 times smaller file size means 2 to 10 times faster transfer, backup & restore time and similar savings on online and offline storage costs.

Expanding on the benefits provided by gdzip and mezip, Solution-Soft now offers a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) solution that seamlessly integrates with EDA tools that enables those tools to input and view our compressed files directly and leave them compressed on disks, without the need of a separate decompression step.

The DLL is currently in production use at customer sites and has been successfully verified with tools such as Anchor Semiconductor's NanoScope, Artwork Conversion's QckVu, Cadence/K2's QuickView, and Mentor Graphics' Calibre.

Customers who use the DLL in Conjunction with gdzip will realize the following benefits: Saves users valuable time by eliminating a separate decompression step .

  • Disk space savings by decompressing files in memory rather than writing to disk.

  • Order of magnitude disk I/O savings

  • Reduced network traffic for NFS access

  • Transparent application support, no tool customization or modification.

  • DLL + app read of compressed file approximately time equivalent to decompress + app read

  • Full utilization of gdzip/mezip compressor investment

How the DLL works:

  • Almost all programs use basic read command to open file/read some contents

  • The DLL intercepts program calls to read commands

  • EDA applications are launched with our “wrapper” to detect calls to read

  • These tool make calls to read function - opens GDSII file - loads data to buffer.

  • Our DLL intercepts these read function calls and replaces them with our that supports gdzip 

File Formats Supported - Solution-Soft offers specialized compressors for the GDSII file format and the MEBES file format both used extensively by the semiconductor industry. Compressors for other formats are in development. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about a different file format.

Operating Systems Supported - Solaris and Linux. If you need an operating system currently not supported, please contact us.

Solution-Soft invites you to test-drive our specialized DLL and compressor today. Contact our Sales Department at 408-346-1424 or

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