Cloud Timeshift Testing Automation Is Now Possible | AWS

SANTA CLARA, CA., December 21, 2017 – Cloud Timeshift Testing Automation

While our product, Time Machine, has solved test automation issues for the past twenty five years, we are committed to innovating and adapting with the ever changing environment. In recent years, many companies have migrated to the cloud in order to conduct more efficient business. This has worked well for many; however test automation has remained an issue.

Extreme cloud timeshift testing automation is incredibly challenging due to the dynamics of test systems and frequent creating/destroying of new virtual machines in the cloud. In the past, this caused delays since new license keys were required for each newly created server, and manual intervention was needed to apply them (thus human error possible). Luckily for our customers, Time Machine has adapted and can now deliver cloud timeshift testing automation through the use of cloud services (in our demo we used Amazon Web Services – AWS).

Time Machine is now able to support Floating License Servers and has the ability to check licenses in or out of a license pool automatically. This means that licenses can be used without manual intervention, which allows uninterrupted automation and ultimately eliminates human errors from the process.

In addition, Time Machine Sync Server broadcasts a virtual clock to your test environments and it supports URL API for easy scripting to enable test automation.

In our current AWS demo we highlight and demonstrate the top capabilities of our products. The demo only takes three minutes and is fully automated without any human intervention.

The Steps:

1. Script creates a new test instance (virtual server) in the cloud
2. New instance gets Time Machine license automatically from the Floating License Server
3. Script uses URL API to update the sync group with a newly allocated test system identity
4. URL API is used to time travel all the targets in the sync group
5. The Selenium test cases run
6. Your results are reported.
7. Test instance is destroyed.

After three minutes, the test system life terminates, and the license returns to the pool where other Time Machine systems can utilize it. It’s that simple, and with this innovation, test automation in the cloud is no longer an issue.

We’ll see you in the cloud!