Capgemini Time Machine Presentation

The Presentation

Solution-Soft held a Time Machine presentation with project manager Mark Owens of Capgemini and Wayne Longstaff of Anglian Water.  During our conversation, we explained that Time Machine could be used for training in the Anglian Water environment and detailed how it works against the Oracle and SAP environments in a training scenario.  The capabilities of Time Machine allow for time to slow down or speed up based on the necessities of the tester.  For instance, a tester in the past actually utilized Time Machine to slow down the clock by 20 times and complete 7 days of testing in 9 hours.  With such examples, Owens decided that Anglian Water will be using Time Machine, not only for new training, but SAP upgrade deployment as well!

While Owens had only recently learned details of Time Machine, he was familiar with its existence.  Several colleagues at Centrica and other UK utility companies had previously mentioned Time Machine to him.  In addition to that, these same colleagues recommended Time Machine as a result of using it on multiple high level projects in the past.

The Decision

These testimonies gave Owens the initial greenlight to inquire further about the product.  Owens’ team works in the utility division and let us know there is ample room for growth in the project they are working on.  Time Machine is a perfect complement to that, as this product works on high level projects in various different industries, utilities included.

Solution-Soft is looking forward to working with the 4th largest consultancy in the world!