CalHEERS (Obamacare of CA) Success Story; Time Shift Testing Migrated to Oracle Cloud with Time Machine Product Suite

Solution-Soft Time Machine Now Available on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Marketplace

Originally posted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog – March 23, 2020

SANTA CLARA, CA. – March 23, 2020

This post was written by a guest author, Paul Wang, President and CEO of Solution-Soft

Solution-Soft provides software for testing and hardening applications to ensure that they run smoothly through time and date changes. We’re proud to launch our Time Machine® solution on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace paid listings program, which was announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2019. Oracle Cloud customers can use their Universal Credits to pay for usage of Time Machine, which is preinstalled and ready to download from the Marketplace. Time Machine is also available as a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offering.

Time Machine Story: Best Practices in Time Shift Testing

Time Machine provides software virtual clocks that enable you to “time travel” your applications and databases into the future or the past. It facilitates time shift testing on your date and time sensitive application logic, such as month-end, quarter-end, and year-end processing, billing cycles, workflows, regulatory launches, and policy life cycles.

As a market-proven solution for more than 20 years, Time Machine is used today by 47 of the Fortune 100 companies and thousands of users globally. Federal Reserve Bank, ATO, Lloyds Bank, NAB, FedEx, American Express, Home Depot, Aetna, and CA Obamacare are some examples of our customers.

Cloud and Container Ready

Time Machine is cloud and container ready. Time Machine marketplace listings with major cloud vendors enable customers to provision a system with Time Machine preinstalled, which can be either metered or licensed from a floating license server for enterprise customers. Time Machine is also container-aware and certified with OpenShift and Docker. Time Machine image containers are available at Docker Hub and GitHub.

Success Story: CalHEERS

The California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS) is the consolidated system for eligibility, enrollment, and retention for the California Health Benefit Exchange (also known as Covered California), Medi-Cal, and Healthy Families.

CalHEERS has used Solution-Soft’s Time Machine daily since 2013 to time travel its core systems and associated Oracle databases to test open enrollment, renewal, month-end, quarter-end, year-end, and special date-sensitive trigger points and cases. It’s a critical enabler to ensure that the busy Covered California website is ready for prime time each year.

To further streamline productivity and flexibility, CalHEERS moved their test-bed environments from their on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud. This shift allows CalHEERS to pay for usage as it happens, without upfront investment, and to achieve 100% utilization on all their test environments. The exact number of test environments needed at any moment can be provisioned as needed and fully used, as opposed to static on-premises test environments that were costly and wasteful.

The Time Machine Floating License Server pays a critical role in making license management automatic and transparent to support this dynamic use case in the Oracle Cloud. It hosts a pool of license units to be shared by all test systems in the Oracle Cloud. Time Machine automatically checks out the license for the units when service starts and releases them when service stops. When a new system comes up, there’s no manual step necessary to contact the vendor to get a license key.

Try Time Machine Now on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

You can try Time Machine in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy in minutes by launching Time Machine directly from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace. You can find a license-included metered listing and a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) listing for customers who have already paid for Time Machine licenses.

Learn more about Time Machine on our website, and learn more about getting started on Oracle Cloud with the Free Tier.