20 Years of Time Machine® | Solution-Soft 20th Anniversary

In 1997, Solution-Soft released our visionary date and time simulation software: Time Machine Now 20 years later, we are taking a figurative time machine back to look at the successes, expansions and partnerships that we have been a part of over the last two decades.

Solution-Soft originally conceived Time Machine as a practical temporal testing solution to solve business logic that could potentially be impacted by the Y2K problem (aka the infamous millennium bug).

Time Machine deconstructed the conventional testing process and streamlined it. Suddenly, the process of installing automated time shift software changed - users could run virtual clocks simultaneously, completely separate from the system clock. Due to this separation, users were able to avoid typical testing pitfalls such as corrupted data files, taxing admin permissions, expensive working labor, and tedious wait times.

By 1998, the software was enhanced and designed to be compatible with UNIX, Linux, and Windows. After the Y2K scare, Time Machine found new life within the industry as a tool for finishing large scale software projects such as deployment CRM, ERP, SAP, PeopleSoft, Dynamics, and Cloud integration on time and under budget.

As the new millennium loomed, Time Machine began to be widely adopted and soon grew into the industry standard product for time travel testing software.

In the early and mid-2000s, our software continued to adapt to the changing technological environment and - as the customer base grew - so did its capabilities. Our R&D team and developers have listened astutely to its users and made consistent improvements over the years to increase compatibility and usability.

In 2007 Time Machine was updated for HP-UX 11i to support both PA-RISC and IA-64 "Itanium" based UNIX systems.

Several years later in 2011, Time Machine received many modern updates and was released for AIX 7.1, Solaris x86, and Windows 7 expanding the platform.

In 2014, as the technological climate moved more towards cloud integration, Solution-Soft announced its Cloud-Friendly and Cloud Ready capabilities.

Starting in 2016, Solution-Soft expanded the stand alone Time Machine product into a product suite for the enterprise and Cloud. The Product Suite is defined by the Enterprise Management Console (an intuitive GUI to monitor all suite products installed on all systems in the enterprise and cloud) the Sync Server, (an addition which allows Sync Groups to simultaneously broadcast virtual clocks to the entire test environment), and the Framework for Oracle, Framework for WebLogic, Framework for JBoss, and Framework for WebSphere (a series of frameworks that enable Time Machine to run flawlessly with more granularity and automation in specific environments).

These significant upgrades bring the time travel testing Time Machine experience to 2017 and allow users the freedom to install their time shift testing software anywhere they need to. With over 2000 customers worldwide that utilize our software successfully on a daily basis, including 47 of the Fortune 100 companies, we look forward to another 20 years yet to come.


Throughout Solution-Soft's history, we have partnered with companies such as Redhat, Microsoft, FICO, Oracle, IBM, VMWare, SAP, and countless more. As a tool for application testing, regression testing, and deployment, Time Machine has been successfully installed and utilized by institutions such as Lloyds Bank, Accenture, and Affordable Care Act. Read more about our enthusiastic customer’s experiences here