Time Machine Supports Testing on Active Directory and Kerberos

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 8, 2004 — SolutionSoft Systems Inc, a leading provider of Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) solutions today announced new enhancements to it's historically successful virtual date & time software tool, Time Machine. This latest, patent-pending offering provides a solution for customers running either Microsoft s Active Directory or the open source Kerberos network authentication protocol system to perform crucial date-testing on their mission-critical applications.

Time Machine allows applications in either Windows or UNIX environments to receive and modify at will a simulated date and time of future, past or present time without affecting other applications that are running on the system. This date morphing ability provides organizations the ability to concurrently run separate instances of their software products in virtual time slices on the same hardware with their production applications thereby reducing overall costs.

In a network environment where secure logins are used, such as with Microsoft's Active Directory, users login in with a time-based ticketing system through Kerberos. One of the procedures employed by the Kerberos process to maintain network security is the hard requirement that any machine that participates in the network must have it's system clock synchronized to be no more than five minutes different than the Domain Controller's time. This clock synchronization is necessary to prevent an attacker from using an old authenticator to masquerade as a valid user. The exclusion feature in Time Machine overcomes this issue by allowing the Kerberos login's dynamically linked libraries and executables to run under the valid system time so that all access tokens are requested with the correct time. This process combined with Time Machine's file date-stamping using real-time variables ensures that all backups function correctly, file replication services run without disruption and all machines running Time Machine can freely participate in the secure network.The only way to ensure that applications will behave correctly at future dates with changed input variables, for instance, anticipated interest-rate changes or upcoming changes to legislation that affects a particular entity, is by performing rigorous and comprehensive testing, with these differences as input, running under an advanced clock , said Michael Morrison, Director of Marketing at Solution-Soft. Time Machine was first introduced as Y2K certification and testing solution, it soon became the most popular tool to solve Y2K issues. Since then sales of Time Machine have continued to grow with it s use in correcting time-zone, ERP and application testing issues for global companies and lately to provide a workaround to the draconian time skew restrictions inherent to a Kerberos or Active Directory environment. Without Time Machine there is no effective way to perform any tests to ensure that a company software will function correctly at future dates.

Using Time Machine speeds application testing and deployment saving valuable time and resources for especially complex ERP or CRM application deployments such as SAP R/3, Oracle Financials, Siebel, or any other large-scale application. Frequently, a department or employee assigned to test new applications or verify compatibility of new components within an existing software deployment lack sufficient resources for comprehensive testing or they simply do not have the time required to complete a full series of time/date related test processes. With Time Machine multiple test environments can co-exist on in environment to save software and hardware costs.


Time Machine is available for MPE, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX and Windows Server platforms. Solution-Soft invites you to test Time Machine today. Free evaluations are available through our sales group.

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