Solution-Soft releases Time Machine For Windows-XP

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2004 — SolutionSoft Systems Inc, a leading provider of Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) solutions today officially released Time Machine™ for Microsoft’s Windows XP ™ operating system. With this release, Solution-Soft is now able to provide a date & time simulation tool for all current operating systems offered by Microsoft. Time Machine is the only advanced - date & time application testing solution and is fully compatible with network environments running Microsoft’s Active Directory. 

“Due to the popularity of Time Machine for testing applications and its ability to provide time zone correction in multi-user environments, the corporate developer market has high demand for Windows XP support in Time Machine”, said Paul Wang, Solution-Soft’s President. “I am pleased to announce this new release for the Windows XP operating system as it allows Solution-Soft to further help all our corporate customers by making this product available for all current Microsoft operating platforms.”

"Active Directory is in wide use in enterprises around the world. We are happy that Solution-Soft is supporting Active Directory and Windows XP developers and customers,” said Jackson Shaw, product manager, Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

Time Machine allows applications in Windows environments to receive and modify at will a simulated date and time of future, past or present time without affecting other applications that are running on the system. This date morphing ability provides organizations the ability to concurrently run separate instances of their software products in virtual time slices on the same hardware with their production applications thereby reducing overall costs. 

“For many of our Time Machine customers the ability to run advanced-date tests against their mission-critical applications is absolutely essential. Many of our users are in financial, insurance or government establishments where the ability to forecast how their applications will perform at future dates with different data inputs provides a unique and strategic ability. Through the use of Time Machine they can easily discover and diagnose problem areas in their infrastructure and correct these prior to the true date rolling over. Time Machine provides a needed assurance to these customers by enabling them to fully know how their applications will behave into the future”. Michael Morrison, Director of Marketing at Solution-Soft.

“We use Time Machine to expedite testing of our applications in our Active Directory network. We have a requirement for date-forward testing in order to assure our applications will perform as desired in the future. The addition of Time Machine in our environment provides us a tremendous time saving tool as well as peace of mind.” Mike McCormick, Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

Using Time Machine speeds application testing and deployment saving valuable time and resources for especially complex ERP or CRM applications. Frequently, a department or employee assigned to test new applications or verify compatibility of new components within an existing software deployment lack sufficient resources for comprehensive testing or simply do not have the time required to complete a full series of time/date related test processes. With Time Machine multiple test environments can co-exist on in a single environment, which results in savings in software and hardware costs. 


Time Machine is available for all current Windows platforms. 
Solution-Soft invites you to test Time Machine today. Free evaluations are available through our sales group.

About Solution-Soft

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Michael Morrison