Solution-Soft is One of Three Use Cases in Oracle’s Database as a Service Research

SANTA CLARA, CA, August 9, 2016 — SolutionSoft Systems Inc, the leader in date and time testing software solutions, is a featured use case in Oracle DBaaS research.

As cloud technology has been on the rise, there has also been a surge of database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings. DBaaS is simply the direct delivery of database management software that end users use as a service, without the hassles of software or hardware installation. This is made possible by the fact that users can easily supply their own database resources straight from the cloud.

In a report commissioned by Oracle, 451 Research has conducted research on DBaaS adoptions trends. They see major growth in DBaaS adoption, but since the implementation of the service is still rather new and upcoming, 451 Research hopes to enlighten users with more information about the potential benefits and challenges to DBaaS adoption. 

In the report, 451 Research focuses on Solution-Soft as one of the use cases studying and examining the flagship product, Time Machine, and how the company takes advantage of the cloud to make advances in software development and quality assurance testing. 

Solution-Soft’s Time Machine® provides software virtual clocks that allow users to time travel their applications into the future or the past, which facilitates the most efficient testing for time sensitive application logic. But, in order to guarantee that Time Machine can function properly on a wide range of platforms, Solution-Soft needs to conduct testing scenarios in different environments. Since simulating a customer’s specific environment may involve building complex server systems with many applications and a great deal of on-premise hardware, the company has now moved development testing and quality assurance testing to the cloud. 

By utilizing the cloud, Solution-Soft was able to significantly shorten its development cycle and simultaneously save money. And by making the most out of the cloud to construct Oracle Database instances, Solution-Soft is able to have a virtually unlimited number of separate Oracle Database instances running in the cloud with different environment variables at any time. 

Although Solution-Soft currently only runs about 40% of its development in the cloud, the company is planning on gradually switching to complete development on the cloud, especially as Oracle continues to further add operating systems, such as Windows and Solaris. 

Transferring development and testing to the cloud allows Solution-Soft to significantly speed up its time to market. And, the cloud dismisses any IT maintenance for on-premise hardware and extra resources required for administrative tasks. 

But at the same time, not all customers are as eager to make a complete transfer to the cloud. With that in mind, while Solution-Soft foresees a move to the cloud on their development side, the company also more practically predicts somewhat of a hybrid version to arise with some workloads located on the cloud and others remaining on-premise. 

With a hybrid environment, however, there must be a way to control tools and services within that environment. In light of this, included in the new Family Suite, Solution-Soft has created the Time Machine Management Console, which facilitates that hybrid management. It allows for seamless control and management of all the Time Machine family of products on multiple systems. 

Also in the Family Suite, Solution-Soft has released a Framework for Oracle which allows users to utilize all of the features of Time Machine directly in the Oracle Database and a Framework for WebLogic which makes time shift testing specific Java applications seamless. Both the Time Machine Framework for Oracle and the Framework for WebLogic are available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and allow all users to efficiently test their time-sensitive applications.

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About 451 Research

451 Research is a distinguished technology research and advisory company. With a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption, 451 Research provides essential insight and augmented understanding for leaders of the digital economy. More than 100 analysts and consultants deliver that insight via syndicated research, advisory services, and live events to over 1,000 client organizations in North America, Europe, and around the world. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York, 451 Research is a division of The 451 Group.

About Time Machine

Time Machine saves ten-fold or more on resources and costs associated with temporal testing of applications. It enables you to finish your large scale software projects on time and under budget.  Some other usage scenarios of Time Machine include Cloud migration, time zone adjustment, data aging, Big Data analysis and online training.  Time Machine is the original date and time simulation software for Unix and Windows since 1997 and it is Cloud ready.  Thousands of customers worldwide utilize Time Machine successfully across all industries on a daily basis; including 47 of the Fortune 100 companies.

About Solution-Soft

Solution-Soft is the leader in date and time testing software solutions, as well as data compression/file transfer and data storage management. We proudly provide our 2000+ domestic and international customers with patent-pending software solutions proven to optimize customer IT infrastructure, save costs, and deliver mission critical applications.  Our goal is to deliver solutions that both fulfill our customers needs and catalyze future growth. Solution-Soft's customers are across all market sectors including 3M, Barclaycards, BBC, Boeing, CalPERS, Centrica UK, Covered California, Discover, Fed Ex, French Telecom, National Australia Bank, State Farm and Wells Fargo. Solution-Soft's market presence is bolstered by partnerships with Accenture, Citrix, FICO, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and SAP.  Solution-Soft works closely with top tier consultant partners around the world across all industries to achieve clients' business objectives with ultimate ROI.

Founded in 1993, Solution-Soft is privately held and based in Santa Clara, Ca., for more information visit or call +1.408.346.1400.


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