Solution-Soft Expands Domestic Channel Partner Program

(San Jose, CA) --- Today Solution-Soft announced the expansion of its domestic channel partner program with the addition of 14 key resellers; GTC Systems, Computer Tech, Dox Electronics, Veracicom, C.A.T. Computers, RYNO Technology, Engineering Computer Consultants, Progressive Network Solutions, NetAge, Summit Business Systems, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, TGA Information Solutions, Analytical Systems and Aston IT Group are now offering Time Machine to their customers.

Time Machine is a date simulation software package that enables client users to run applications in their own time zones by simulating a different date and/or time. Time Machine provides the only solution for user-based time correction for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Servers, UNIX and MPE environments.

Jeff Pittelkow, account executive at C.A.T. Computers, a Minnesota-based networking solutions provider said, “As a Citrix value-added reseller and an ASP, we run into time zone problems often. The addition of Time Machine will clear up time zone issues for our customers all over the world.”

With 20,000 virtual clocks and support for an unlimited number of global time zones, Time Machine eliminates a variety of problems that occur in multi-time zone situations. In Server-Based Computing environments, applications that require the system time will get only the time of the server, regardless of the location of the user. With Time Machine, Terminal Server Programs run in user time, rather than system time. “Time Machine provides a critical solution for our Thin-Client Computing Services,” explained Todd Glenney, manager of technical services at Computer Tech, a Houston-based company specializing in LAN/WAN design, Internet connectivity and application programming.

Time Machine lets clients with applications used for legal and accounting purposes create documents stamped with the correct local time and date. Applications such as email programs, scheduling software and server processes are provided with local time while logged into a remote server in another time zone. “RYNO Technology selected Solution-Soft as a key partner to provide Time Machine to solve the global application mess,” said Sean Keenan, marketing manager at RYNO, an ASP integrator headquartered in Benicia, CA.

Rather than implementing the typical approach, duplicating expensive server “farms” for each time zone, Time Machine provides a cost-effective, single-server solution. Time Machine’s advanced features enable ASPs to deliver “local” time while minimizing hardware costs and infrastructure overhead: one server with Time Machine is all that is needed to service customers in any time zone, anywhere in the world.

“With the dramatic growth of Terminal Server and ASP installations, the demand for servers to provide user-based application time continues to increase,” added Paul Wang, president and CEO at Solution-Soft. Currently, the only other available option for time zone correction is to purchase and manage a separate server for each time zone supported. This can cost $10,000, $20,000 or more per time zone, plus the costs associated with managing the new hardware.”

Veracicom, with corporate offices located in Tacoma, WA and Boca Raton, FL provides strategic and tactical deployments of server-based computing and ASP technologies to corporations throughout the world. Bill Oakes, vice president of marketing at Veracicom said, “Our partnership with Solution-Soft provides a truly global ASP service to our customers. Time Machine allows our infrastructure to exchange information from New York to Tokyo to Washington without worrying about time zone issues.” Continued Oakes, “We can finally be certain that time is being displayed correctly – everywhere. Solution-Soft is perfect for the ASP market.”

About Solution-Soft

Solution-Soft, a leader in distributed applications, develops high-quality storage and system management solutions for corporate data centers, ASP Infrastructure providers, and storage solution providers. Solution-Soft’s roducts include Time Machine, a virtual clock facility providing remote clients with local time and date; e-Space, an automated and intelligent storage capacity management solution; and e-Velocity, a file exchange application that maximizes network efficiency, boosts performance and reduces line cost overhead. Solution-Soft’s products run on Windows NT/2000, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, HPMPE and IBM AIX systems and have been purchased by over 2,000 domestic and international customers. Solution-Soft is privately held and is based in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit

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