Solution-Soft Announces Technology Partnership with Delphix

SANTA CLARA, CA, March 30, 2020, SolutionSoft Systems Inc (Solution-Soft), the leader in virtual clock and time shift testing, announces technology partnership with Delphix. Through this partnership, both companies can provide solutions to mutual customers for their testing needs.

Solutions-Soft's Time Machine® provides software virtual clocks to time travel applications into the future or the past, facilitating time shift testing on a date and time sensitive application logic. Time Machine eliminates the need to reset the system clock, allowing testers to move their systems to the targeted time points quickly and easily. Testers can continually test without needing to pause, shut down, and then restart their server by their infrastructure teams, as required when adjusting system clocks.  Time Machine also allows multiple virtual clocks to co-exist in the test environment; so different applications and testers can time travel to different time points and share the same environment, saving hardware and software costs.

DataOps Platform allows testing teams to instantly refresh, move, and provision secure data. Testers can bookmark or version datasets, without the need to engage the infrastructure team for support. Delphix runs on any server, storage, and supported hypervisor either on-premises or in a cloud environment.  The sensitive data field can be masked consistently across different data sources and secured test data can be automatically generated from production data.

With Solution-Soft Time Machine's virtual clocks to time travel the TIME and Delphix DataOps Platform's virtual databases and bookmarks to time travel the DATA, together we provide a complete time shift testing solution.  Both products emphasize the self-serving ability to booster developers and testers productivity, so they can time travel time and data with ease and speed without the need to engage and wait for the infrastructure team.  Finally, Time Machine and DataOps Platform also complement each other for test automation with API, which a test script or test orchestration tool can achieve both Time and data actions automatically.

"Many of Delphix's customers ask how to time travel to test date and time sensitive application logic, on the other hand, we have many enterprise customers running large databases that need to generate secure test data from production and restore a large dataset quickly. These are big challenges and can take a very long time.  With the self-service capability of both products, our mutual customers can now time travel both time and data with ease without the lengthy wait for the infrastructure team.  It's a natural fit for each other" said Paul Wang, CTO of Solution-Soft.  "Our joint solutions are ideal to streamline test automation, Agile, DevOPs, CI/CD, and container workloads.  Assisting customers to establish best testing practices and shorten testing cycles are always top priorities for us. I welcome our new technology partner and am eager to see our combined solution enable our customers to reach the next level of efficiency."