SafeVelocity® with new PIPEPUT Feature Released

SANTA CLARA, CA. Apr 15, 2011— Solution-Soft Systems Inc, a leading provider of Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) solutions, today officially released an updated version of SafeVelocity that includes a revolutionary new feature called PIPEPUT.

SafeVelocity’s new PIPEPUT option provides the ability to perform file generation on-the-fly with transfer concurrently.  File transfer begins as soon as the first byte of the file is generated (i.e. PIPE file generation to PUT), not after the complete file is created.  This speeds up the entire transfer process.  For large file transfers, many hours or even days of file generation, such as tar, compression and encryption, will be saved.  The PIPEPUT ability is completely encapsulated in the SafeVelocity client program which means the site you are transferring files to need not have SafeVelocity server installed. 

PIPEPUT also increases reliability of the transfer with auto-resume capability.  If an error is detected or the line drops in the middle of a transfer, PIPEPUT will automatically reconnect and resume the transfer from the interruption point.  The auto-resume can survive multiple line drops. 

Lastly, PIPEPUT also supports email notification and GUI progress report.  One of the major issues with Unix FTP is lack of feedback during big file transfers.  With GUI progress report, SafeVelocity users can get real-time progress feedback and receive email notification upon transfer completion, thus eliminating the babysitting of important, big file transfers.

“PIPEPUT and its related reliability and feedback capability is a game changer for large file transfer”, said Paul Wang, CTO at Solution-Soft.  “One of our semiconductor customers used to take more than one day to tar, compress and encrypt their chip design files; then the prolong transfer sometimes fails  and requires manual retry.  With PIPEPUT, the more than one-day file generation step is saved with each transfer and the real-time feedback ensures an always successful file transfer.”

Data storage and file sizes are increasing exponentially, year over year.  SafeVelocity was created to specifically address the problems of transferring these ever larger files (gigabytes to terabytes) over the Internet. SafeVelocity significantly increases transfer reliability, security and throughput rate.  Enterprises looking to improve speed and security when transferring large files and or large sets of files will see an immediate benefit from implementing SafeVelocity.


SafeVelocity is available for all Windows, UNIX & Linux.  For more information.

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Michael Morrison