Photronics Implements SafeVelocity® and Sees Immediate ROI

SANTA CLARA, Ca. April 02, 2010 — SolutionSoft Systems Inc, a leading provider of Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) solutions today announced the continued success of SafeVelocity at Photronics, the industry leader in the design, development and production of reticles and photomasks for semiconductor and microelectronic applications.  As data storage and file size grows exponentially, SafeVelocity specifically addresses the problems of transferring large files (megabytes to gigabytes) over the Internet. SafeVelocity significantly increases transfer reliability, security and throughput rate.  Enterprises looking to improve speed and security when transferring large files and or large sets of files will see an immediate benefit from implementing SafeVelocity.

“While there are unique differences between the needs of certain industries, tools like SafeVelocity are able to fill a basic need across them. Our SafeVelocity customers experience virtually error free transfers as well as bandwidth savings as much as 90%. The results seen at Photronics will also be seen at any large enterprise that regularly moves large quantities of data, be they semiconductor or some completely unrelated industry" said Paul Wang, President of Solution-Soft.  “Photronics had already been using our gdzip and mezip GDSII/Mebes file compressors, so adding SafeVelocity to the mix was a natural evolution that delivered a clear ROI for them,” continued Paul Wang.

 Merchant mask shops must insure the smooth transfer of large data sets between design house, mask shop, foundry, and customer. These data sets represent product and therefore must reach their destination in order for work to commence or continue.  Transfer delays at any stage of the process can push manufacturing and release dates out resulting in large losses of revenue, so making sure the file transfer is fast, reliable and secure is of critical importance. Photronics also has a great deal of production automation at multiple manufacturing sites that is specifically designed to be triggered by the FTP server daemon when a transfer is closed. They needed a way to step up from traditional FTP throughput rates that would guarantee fast and reliable bi-directional transfer of data as efficiently as possible, and to do so without re-engineering the applications in place or fundamentally moving away from FTP as the primary method of moving data between sites.  As their design file sizes expanded this became a very critical data transfer issue.

Photronics decided to apply Solution-Soft’s SafeVelocity to solve these problems as it offers a superset of traditional FTP functionality which allowed Photronics to simply replace their old FTP daemon without impacting any other aspect of the environment.  This eliminated the need for (and expenses associated with) maintaining an FTP daemon of their own.   By using adaptive techniques to adjust for latency and other network conditions, and by performing automatic compression and decompression when beneficial to do so, Safe Velocity provided the substantial increase in transfer speed Photronics was looking for.   By using the guaranteed transfer mode Safe Velocity provided the reliability Photronics users and application components required by eliminating the need for manual or programmatic recovery and retransmission.  And by supporting a callout script at session-close Safe Velocity allowed Photronics to automate the handling of reticle data, further increasing overall process efficiency and reducing total cycle time.

"I have proven to myself that a SafeVelocity client to SafeVelocity server transfer is faster than standard FTP and does not require additional compress/decompress time at both end as would be necessary when transmitting GZIP data. That is to say you don't compress anything beforehand; you let SV do it on the fly at both ends…You guys are head and shoulders above every other product I am doing throughput testing with (for uncompressed data) and no other product comes close to meeting our worldwide transfer needs.” said John Chivian, Staff Software Engineer, Photronics, Inc.


SafeVelocity is available for all Windows, UNIX & Linux. See for more information.

About Photronics

Photronics is the industry leader in the design, development and production of reticles and photomasks for semiconductor and microelectronic applications. Photronics supports the diverse needs of the global semiconductor community through a network of manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

About Solution-Soft

Solution-Soft is the leading provider of Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) solutions, which address the urgent need for automated management of data in complex networking environments.  IDO solutions facilitate automated data selection, compression, movement, and redirection that optimize high availability, storage scalability, and system performance.  Solution-Soft boasts more than 1,500 customers, including 3M, AT&T, Boeing, Chartered Semi, Citibank, Dai Nippon Printing, Ford, French Telecom, Hewlett Packard, Merck, Photronics, Qualcomm, Toppan, TSMC, UMC and Xilinx.  Solution-Soft’s market presence is bolstered by partnerships with Citrix Systems (Nasdaq:CTXS), FalconStor (Nasdaq:FALC), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HWP), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Network Appliance (Nasdaq: NTAP), Oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL), Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW) and Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS).

 Founded in 1993, Solution-Soft is privately held and based in Santa Clara, Calif., for more information, visit or call +1.408.346.1400.

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